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Re: Who is excited for streets of rage 4?

by fuctfuct Fri Jun 12, 2020 5:31 am

LOL. Entitled to his opinion. :)

I enjoy it quite a bit. Brings me right back to playing Genesis as a kid.

Not sure why one would think it has to be the same as the 30 year old games that came before it.
Getting hit and losing your combo just makes you work harder at not getting hit.
I don't find it cheap at all, and there are ways around everything he complained about. Can also just ignore the ranking system.
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Re: Who is excited for streets of rage 4?

by Markies Sun Jul 19, 2020 2:56 am

I finally played Streets of Rage 4 tonight.

My friend has a Switch and he bought the Physical Copy. We played through the game on Easy with Axel and Blaze.

We are both diehard Streets of Rage fans. We've played either SOR1 or SOR2 at least once a month for probably the last 12 - 15 years. We've been waiting 25 years or so for this game. My friend normally hates modern gaming and anything new. The hype and expectations for this game were sky high for us.

And it met every single one of them.

It was fantastic. My friend even loved it. He got the soundtrack and we were not feeling the new music, so we put on the Retro Soundtrack and it fixed everything.

If you have any doubts or have any fondness for Streets of Rage, pick it up and play it. Such a fantastic game.

I think SOR1 & SOR2 are better games, but I'd put SOR4 right behind them. Blows SOR3 out of the water. Also, if you can, play the Streets of Rage Remake. That is an amazing game as well.
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Re: Who is excited for streets of rage 4?

by Note Sun Jul 19, 2020 12:12 pm

Markies, glad to hear you enjoyed the game and that it lived up to the expectations you and your friend had.

I'm also a big SOR fan, SOR2 might be my favorite video game, and I like to revisit it at least a few times a year. For SOR4, my girlfriend picked up the physical copy on Switch that comes with the soundtrack, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet.

I got pretty excited after seeing the various game trailers and gameplay vids, so I'm glad that most people think it's lived up to the hype. Also, I'm interested in hearing the new soundtrack, but glad that the retro tunes are included. I can't wait to finally give it a go in co-op mode, which will hopefully be in the next few weeks.

Also, had a chance to play SOR Remake a few years ago, and thought it was amazing, especially for a fan made game. The branching paths, CPU 2nd player, inclusion of vehicles, and remixed soundtrack were all great IMO. I wish we could get a physical release for SOR Remake as well.
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