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Re: Do you enjoy puzzle solving games?

by RCBH928 Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:05 am

I really wanted to like Zack and Wiki, but the illogical solutions, trial and error system(do random things until you figure it out), and punishing you by having you to repeat the all steps to get give yet another shot at the puzzle was too frustrating for me

PretentiousHipster wrote:I guess the level design of Doom can be like a puzzle but I don't like them. It is a fast paced shooter and being stuck in a puzzle completely disrupts the flow of it.

I feel like the puzzles add to the "you are doomed" effect.

MrPopo wrote:But if you want to talk cardinal sins in adventure games, how about the monkey wrench puzzle in Monkey Island 2? At one point there is a valve you need to turn, but there's no handle. The solution is to pick up a monkey from another screen and use it on the nut on the valve. Because it's a monkey wrench, you see. So it doesn't localize well (relying on the pun) and is the only pun based puzzle I can remember in that game; the rest of them make physical sense.

I really found the sense of humor behind Monkey Island funny, unfortunately, I am not up for wasting my time figure a ludicrous solution for a puzzle. I think they made it so because back in the pre-internet days you wanted to play a game to death since there wasn't anything else to do.

pook99 wrote:In general I do not enjoy puzzle games. I have played and loved a few classic ones (shadowgate, maniac mansion) and will occasionally play a puzzle platformer, but in general I avoid puzzle games.

Puzzles in other games only annoy me when the solution is completely illogical. A well made puzzle can be very fun to figure out and leave you with a real sense of satisfaction, but there are many times I will get completely stuck on a puzzle, look up the answer, and just shake my head at how obtuse the solution was. A good puzzle will make me kick myself for missing the solution.

I agree

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