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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by Xeogred Sat Oct 26, 2019 7:52 pm

Wily Wars is pure torture to me. Everything about it is just so insanely wrong.

I do wish Capcom would have made some kind of X styled Mega Man from the ground up on Genesis though. At least Konami gave us Bloodlines and Hard Corps.
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by pierrot Mon Oct 28, 2019 1:23 pm

Eh, they worked better than the NES versions, for me, anyway. Also, it has the Wily Tower, which I think is more fun than the first game.
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by Dikdikvandik Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:00 am

pook99 wrote:@prfsnl_gamer:

1. Azure striker series (plays more like X than classic mega man, its what mighty no 9 should have been)
2. Rozenkreustillette: Very good homage to classic mega man, replaces robots with angels and demons
3. 20XX-roguleike Mega Man x clone, very good and has coop
4. A.R.E.S
5. AVGN adventures: more of a parody but does feel like an obscenely difficult mega man, worth a playthrough if you enjoy the angry video game nerd, hard games, and classic parodies
6. Mighty no 9: not as bad as people say, I enjoyed it but it is not on par with 11 for sure
7. Mighty gunvolt burst: an 8 bit style game that plays like classic mega man, only on switch but a lot of fun
8. Dr. Green: a mega man style game with an environmentally friendly message
9. giga girl: don't really remember much about it other than its short and plays like mega man
10. invasher: an ok mega man game with the annoying mechanic of having to buy weapons after defeating their equivalent of robot masters
11. Legend of dark witch 1 and 2: easyish mega man games
12. Magnetta: interesting game where most of the boss weapons help you navigate levels more than they help you fight

I've played a few of these.

Azure striker series - inconsistent difficulty. The most recent one starring Copen only gave me trouble twice, an early boss fight and the final boss. The first gunvolt is too hard the second has Copen so...not as bad...

Rozenkreustillette- I like that it used the Mega Man 4 password system. The music in this one is excellent

20XX- I'm going to grab it for Switch or which ever system I get all the Legacy collection games (As of now I'm leaning towards XBOX even though I have 11 on Switch) on.

A.R.E.S- BARELY played the demo on XBOX 360.

Mighty no 9- Mega Man Xel? I don't think it's as bad as people say it is either. This is one game benefited by the refresh consoles, It plays much better on XBOX One X than it did on PS4. I actually think it had better music than Mega Man 11.

Mighty gunvolt burst- It's on PS4 as well not just switch. But I have the Swtich version and all DLC Characters. There's one boss near the end I find unbeatable but I do all in all feel like this is what Might no 9 should have been.
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by Gunstar Green Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:02 am

Megaman, woof. Here we go. I'll have to split things up. Not going to include remakes and such. I'll probably also contradict earlier posts because my opinions are fluid on some of these.

Classic: 9 > 2 > 3 > 6 > 4 > 11 > 10 > 7 > 5 > 8 > 1 > R&F

I love them all so I wouldn't necessarily call it Mega Man 8 "hate," more like, "not loved quite as much." I just prefer the 8-bit games for the most part. 9 had some of the best weapon balance of the entire series. 2 and 3 are classics and I'm biased by how incredible they were at the time and also their music. 6 I almost put above 3 because it's a more polished game with lots of fun gimmicks. 4 is an underrated gem as well. 11 was fun but I feel like it needs something more to be truly special. 10 just feels like it was riding on 9's coattails with new features jammed in for the sake of it without the core game being as good.

On the back end, 7 is a fun game but the graphics and sound feel off and the game feels sluggish, partially due to the different sprite to screen ratio that makes it more akin to the GB titles. 5 is too easy and has very lazy level designs save for Gravity Man but it's maybe a good beginner Mega Man. 8's style and music just doesn't jive with me as part of the series though I do think much of the design is great when it's not being forced scrolling BS slide slide jump jump. 1 and R&F both have some design problems, with 1 being a little more forgivable for being the first attempt before any of the series staples were cemented. I still enjoy giving them a go now and then.

Classic Game Boy: 4 > 5 > 3 > 1 > 2

Yes you read that right I like 4 more than 5. It's such a great polished game with fantastic cutscenes for the gameboy and the 8-bit series in general, better level designs arguably than its NES counterparts at the time and actual risk involved in shooting your charged Megabuster because it had recoil! 5 is also a must play game for classic series fans however, one of the more unique titles for sure. The rest are for the most part just scaled down mish-mash versions of the NES games though they're certainly not bad. 2 is probably the lowest quality classic series game period. Grating music, zero difficulty, bizarre levels and most kids probably beat it on the car ride home from the mall.

X: 1 > 4 > 2 > 3 > 5 > 8 > 7 > 6

The X series lacks the near unconditional love I have for the classic games because when X goes low, it goes really low. X1 and X4 are two of my favorite games in the entire franchise but then things start to diminish.

5 is where things start looking worrisome and it has a few awful levels and stupid parts system as well as what ending you get being governed by random chance! I still sort of enjoy it, and like they were trying to put a cap on the series. I can't say the same for X6 which was a rushed, poorly programmed mess in nearly all ways. A few cool ideas just don't save it from the dung heap for me. I go back and forth on whether or not X6 or X7 is worse, as X7 is one of those 3D-transition dumpster fires of the era, but at least X7 failed ambitiously. X8 is loved in some circles but it's only really good in the context of the previous two games but everything about it is bland to me and its levels are legitimately awful (Mighty No. 9 is worlds better than this game, fight me).

Where do the two GBC games fall? I don't know. They're kind of forgettable, especially the first one. Probably hovering somewhere around X8 in this nebulous, "playable if I didn't have any other options" zone. GBC just didn't have the screen real estate to be doing dash-heavy Mega Man X games (See: Mega Man Game Gear and Mega Man & Bass GBA as well for why you should design your levels to fit your screen) though the second at least tries to accommodate it better.

Zero: 3 > 4 > 2 > 1

Not much to say here, the Zero series is one of the most solid and consistent. The cyber elf gimmick is a little rough at first but improves throughout. In a rare occurrence the series seems to improve with every entry excepting that Zero 3 was a truly epic game and Z4 only loses points because it felt a bit unnecessary. I could lump ZX and ZXA in here but they feel different enough for me to not want to. For the record I really enjoyed both of them and thought ZXA was an improvement of the first in most ways.
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by Dikdikvandik Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:24 pm

I only agree with you on the X series as I don't have any Zero experience.

X7 NEEDS an action replay to be good. Not helped by or enhanced by it NEEDS it. Max out life Bars and make it so X Is playable right away.
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by PresidentLeever Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:26 pm

That's odd, we have identical views on the GB games but almost the opposite on the Zero ones (haven't played 4 much yet). - Mini-reviews, retro vgm tribute, rom hacks, chip music, mockups, misc. lists
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by Gunstar Green Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:58 pm

Zero is a hard one because I think they're all pretty good.
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by alienjesus Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:23 am

I'm only going to rate the core series - no spin-offs, subseries or even GB versions.

9 > 2 > 10 > 4 > 6 > 1 > 7 > 8 > 5 > 3

I haven't played 11 yet.

9 is definitely my vote for the best. A lack of power ups like sliding, the charge shot or rush adapters etc mean that it ends up really making the robot master weapons feel useful, which I felt wasn't the case with other games in the series.

5 and 3 are my votes for the worst ones. 5's main issue is just feeling really empty and boring. It's like they forgot to put any obstacles into the game.

3 has the issue of just feeling unfinished. The doc robot levels are some of the worst stages in Mega Man.
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by Segata Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:00 am

Can't comment about the DS or GBA series and some of the wierd spinoffs. Just the series I played.

Mega-Man. Whole series a solid 8.5. They were never bad and even the Reimagining on PSP with Powered up was really fun. I esp loved the Make a Mega Man stuff before Little Big Planet or Mario Maker existed. I would rank MM higher as a whole but some of the later NES sequels were starting to wear thin, not terrible just a little worn out. MM11 is a great sequel. I actually really liked 7 and 8.

Mega Man X. 6.5- This series had a stellar start. After SNES it kept sliding downhill. PS1 games are still decent but IMO not that memorable. PS2 games are so bad it takes this score down a couple of points. X7 is esp bad. not one redeeming thing about that game. Not a single one.

Legends. 8.0. I will not judge what we didn't get. Just what we did get. Fantastic spin-offs. They are so charming. They are just so damn fun feel-good games.

As for successors. Ginvolt 1-2 is pretty good. It's a good game but I could not get into Shovel Knight at all. I backed MN9 and boy do I regret it. One of my most hated games ever. From the KS to the game itself is just the definition of misery. The only good thing about MN9 is that music. It has a stellar OST esp that main theme. The main theme makes me nostalgic about the mid 90s CD-based games. Freedom Planet did that as well. God, I love it when modern games do that. I love that mid-90s CD game sound so much!
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Re: Rate the series - Mega Man

by pook99 Wed Jan 01, 2020 8:55 pm

Going to do something a little different, rather than rate series, lets rate consoles. For the purpose of this discussion we are only rating home consoles, no handhelds, although I would include the switch in this list since that is both.

You can rate any and all home consoles. Here is my list:

1. NES: maybe its nostalgia, maybe it is the fact that this machine saved the gaming industry, maybe it is the huge amount of innovation, or maybe it is just the fact that over 30 years later I still play NES games more than any other system. For me the original NES is the best system ever and I don't think it will ever be overthrown in my eyes

2. Xbox 360: not an orthodox pick, but a huge library of multiplats(usually the best version), a nice batch of exclusives, but more importantly, this is the system that started the retro revival. Old school gamers all flocked to this system to play modern day retro masterpieces, the storefront was well done, and microsoft did a great job of marketing it.

3. PS2: Amazing system, tons of solid games, and probably the system that birthed modern day gaming as we know it. Every genre was widely represented and several masterpieces were born here.

4. SNES: the system of choice for RPG's. fighting games, beat em ups, and platformers, all of which were my favorite genres of the time. The graphics and sound were unmatched at the time and there are just so many games that end up on best of lists.

5. PS1: Although many games on this system did not age that well, there is no denying the impact and tremendous library of this system. This system was home to some of the best RPG's ever, it created 3d gaming, and although 2d games were sparse, there was some amazing 2d games released on this system.

6. Saturn: The only Sega system I truly appreciate. If you wanted arcade perfect fighters at home the saturn was your only choice. It handled 2d fighters much better than the ps1 and was also home to a small, but great library of under appreciated classics like guardian heroes, dragon force, and panzer dragoon saga to name a few

7. Gamecube: I didn't love the GC at release but I have developed an appreciation for it over the years, solid library with some true classics, it is an underappreciated console.

8. Wii: the motion controls were annoying but this was the first console I bought with my wife and we had fun playing it together and at parties. It was not the deepest console but it was a blast and it did have its some of my favorite games of all time such as Punch out and Mario Galaxy

9. PS3: not a bad system but definitely did not wow me, although there were some absolutely amazing games on this system (last of us most notably) it didn't capture me the way the other consoles of its generation did

10. Xbox: see above, good system, not great, completely overshadowed by the ps2

11. Genesis: I am just not a sega kid and genesis placing so low on this list verifies that. I do enjoy the system, but the things genesis does well are not the genres that appeal to me, I also hate sonic. Don't get me wrong there are some great games here, Streets of Rage 2 is one of the best beat em ups ever and warsong is probably my favorite SRPG of all time, but I rarely find myself playing genesis nowadays.

12. Turbografx: this is the line between systems I like and systems I hate. I enjoyed turbografx as a kid and the turbo cd was far superior to any other cd system at the time. I have lots of warm fuzzy memories on this thing and I wish it lasted longer than it did in the USA.

13. Atari 2600: the first of the systems that just bore the hell out of me nowadays. Games are way too simple for me to enjoy but it is my first gaming system ever so it gets to hold the highest spot on my bad system list

14. Dreamcast: I know I will get hate here, but unlike many nostalgic internet gamers, I completely understand why this system led to sega's demise. The experiences offered were very arcadey and offered some fun here and there, but this was a time where gamers were longing for something more, which they were easily able to find in the other consoles of that generation

15. Xbox one: A system with absolutely no exclusives!!!! wow, I get what microsoft is doing putting emphasis on PC gaming but as someone who owns a gaming PC, there is simply no reason to own an XBone, even if I didn't most of the exclusives are mediocre at best and not worth the price of admission

16. Master System: here it is folks, the worst system ever made. Every year I have a day where I decide to try a bunch of random MS games, every year I am disappointed. A crappy system with a crappy controller and a limited library of crappy games. I absolutely loathe this system.

*******Switch and PS4

I chose not to rate these 2 since they are both current. If I were to rate them right now the switch would be VERY high, probably coming in as my 4th or 5th favorite console. The PS4 would be mid range with an acknowledgement of some amazing games.
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