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Changing your mind on long held gaming beliefs

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:41 am
by pook99
We all have nostalgia for certain things and we all have gaming related bias. For example, even though I owned all the systems growing up I will always consider myself more of a Nintendo fanboy than a sega one. As I grow up and continue to go back and play retro games most of my long held beliefs have held up. For example, I have always contended that bloodlines is the worst of the linear castlevania games, and no matter how many times I played the game that opinion just does not seem to change. I recognize now that it is an unpopular opinion but thats ok, it is mine.

I also have lived my entire life believing that contra 3 is the best contra game. The nintendo fanboy in me + the nostalgia I have for the game made contra 3 the undisputed king of run n guns in my mind. I have dabble in hard corps here and there but I never took the game too seriously, but after finally playing it and really getting into it last year, my mind has been changed. Hard corps is a much better game than contra 3, it is just an amazing game filled with one fantastic set piece after the next, branching paths, an intense challlenge, and no stupid overhead levels to get in the way.

I could come up with a few more examples I'm sure but for now I will just turn it over to everyone else. What gaming beliefs have you held for a long time before they were changed?

Re: Changing your mind on long held gaming beliefs

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:08 pm
by Nemoide
When I was a kid, the first three Mortal Kombat games were the best fighting games. Cool gore and photo-captured graphics aside, I thought they had fantastic gameplay and appreciated how the special moves were easier to pull off compared to other games. I maintained that Mortal Kombat II was a fantastic game into adulthood and thought that the only reason people acted like Street Fighter was better was because that came out first.

But then I started making an earnest attempt to get into fighting games by Capcom and SNK and the truth was apparent: Mortal Kombat games play like shit. It's all about spamming special moves wrapped up in attention-grabbing violence. MK just can't compare to games like Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
Every once in a while I'll pop in an MK game and be astounded at how awkward and not-fun it is to play. On a certain level, I still think they're kind of cool; I'll defend the first movie and the techno album as being a lot of fun. But I just *can't* have fun with Mortal Kombat games like I used to.

Re: Changing your mind on long held gaming beliefs

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 4:47 pm
by pierrot
Yeah, I was pretty much the same way with MK back in the day. I thought MK II and 3 especially were way better than SF II. I was wrong. Dead wrong. I still don't particularly like SF II, but it is way better than any of those Mortal Kombat games.

Re: Changing your mind on long held gaming beliefs

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:16 pm
by samsonlonghair
I was a die hard CRT hold out for a long time. I had the heavy 27” Sony Trinitron with all my consoles connect through an input selector switch.

I had to ditch it before I moved to Newport News. I snagged a little nine inch Sony “portable” CRT for $2 at a goodwill outlet. It’s not even plugged in. I stashed it away in the shed. Take that as an indication of how much I use it.

I never thought I would see the day when all my TVs were LCDs with HDMI connections, but here I am. :?