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Socom II PS2 Online in 2018 - 15 Years Later

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:54 am
by Jagosaurus
I've recently had a lot of fun getting Halo 2 back online and decided to see what other 6th gen games were active on original hardware via Xlink Kai. Behind Halo 2, that seems to be SOCOM II on PS2. I actually had some experience with this one in high school at a buddies'. I remembered quite liking the game back then. I snagged a very nice CIB copy off ebay for $6.50 shipped and dove into the rabbit hole...

If you don't know, Xlink simulates online play but it is really using LAN mode and having the console paticipate in local play... over the net. This completely bypasses the formerly required DNAS servers. Allowing us to be in online in 2018... FOR FREE!

Pics of This All in Action:
Well... this is a good start... PS2 found by Xlink

17 players online on a Monday

Alright.... time to get going on the PS2
Go to LAN, not Online!

Took 3 network setting tries...
See below spoiler tab on settings for what worked for me

But I'm in!
Don't hate on my cheap looking Pelican wireless. Actually a nice controller overall!

Let's do this!

Nice group playing on a Monday night...

This was a rescue the hostages mission... I GOT WRECKED. The other team knew right where to throw grenades.
Not a bad looking game for the time.

Settings Talk:
Admittedly, this title took more trial and error for me to set up personally than the xbox counterpart. Fortunately, SOCOM II has the network troubleshooting feature built into the game menu itself. No need to go hunt down the uncommon disc.

These are the settings on the console that worked for me personally. Try all auto settings first. Took me 3 tries before finally landing on below. Worth noting, I did not need to do any port forwarding on my firewall. Set port to "0" in Xlink options. I had both my PS2 and PC hardwired via Cat 6 into my router.

- On PS2 slim, you can get your MAC address from broswer menu, start with lid open, hit triangle
(doable work around on PS2 phat - PM me if needed)
- Enter your PS2 MAC address here: XLink Kai Evolution VII - Static Network Address Calculator
- Chose IP Manual Settings within game Network Settings
- IP: From above link
- Subnet:
- Gateway:

- Now enter arena on Xlink
- Ensure console is found under metrics
- Join in Xlink Game Arena on PC
- Join on console (LAN not online)
- You'll see lobbies!
- Try at night with more players online and more competent hosts setting up servers

Some community members are actually running the game within a PS2 emulator and Xlink Kai, all on the same PC. So they're emulating the entire online experience. That is awesome. So amazing to see this game living on 15 years later!

Anyone have a network ready PS2 and a copy of SOCOM II laying around ...?

Re: Socom II PS2 Online in 2018 - 15 Years Later

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:26 pm
by Jagosaurus
FYI thinking of practicing the controls a bit more tomorrow (Friday) and playing for a couple hours at night. Anyone want to try it out?

Several of the players use Discord but some are using the offical PS2 headset ... USB 1.0 :lol:. Ya'll remember this guy?


Re: Socom II PS2 Online in 2018 - 15 Years Later

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:20 am
by Jagosaurus
Had a full game arena of 16 players last night! Snapped this pic at 14 after 2 left to start another room in the lobby. Had players waiting to play (max 16) so needed to kick up another. Community still thriving

Any RB members want to join me? No system mods required! Game under 7 bucks CIB shipped. Need PS2 slim or HDD/Ethernet adapter for Phat. I can help you from there with set up.

I have an offical PS2 headset on the way so I chat with teammates. Huge amount of strategy & chat involved due to this:

"One of the reasons for the game's popularity was its multiplayer level design. What's unique to this game is that every single map [22 total before 3 DLC maps] created, from design to release, with only a single game mode [5 total modes] in mind."


Re: Socom II PS2 Online in 2018 - 15 Years Later

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:56 pm
by Jagosaurus
It's on now!!! 8)