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Re: Halo 2 Online Free 360 & oXbox 2018 - Xlink Kai, RB Meet

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:34 pm
by Jagosaurus
8bit wrote:
Jagosaurus wrote:@8bit, did you ever get this working?

I just realized called you Tanooki bc of your avatar :lol:

Just hopped a few crazy Halo 2 games.

I also just bought a copy of PS2 SOCOM II on ebay. There's xlink users on every night playing that as well. Looks super easy to set up. It has the PS2 network trouble shooter right on the disc itself.

Haven't had a chance to revisit. I was out of town Fri-Mon and getting back I've been slammed with work and kids. I literally put kids down around 8:30 and am in bed by 9:30 (adulthood sucks sometimes). I will try to get back on this this weekend though.

One question, for some reason i got the impression in one of the how-to videos that the xbox may need to be connected through the port of the computer running XlinkKai, not the router. Do the xbox just go through your modem like the rest of your network devices when running kai? I ask because my PC that is running everything is actually a surface pro, which only connects via wifi. Wondering if this has anything to do with me not having any luck connecting to a lobby.

I have everything running through my router/gateway. My laptop isn't really near my xbox. It's hardwired into the router/switch via a cable run in my office desk area. I can test via wifi but expect the same results.

I didn't want to mess with plugging the xbox into the laptop. Seemed like a goofy set up. My xbox is right by my router. Seemed much easier to go into router for both.

[Add] Feel ya on kiddos. I was passed out by 10p last night. Week hits me hard by Thursday. Worth it, but try to cram in gaming on weekends when they're napping 8)

Re: Halo 2 Online Free 360 & oXbox 2018 - Xlink Kai, RB Meet

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:25 pm
by Jagosaurus
@8bit, I was researching how to connect my PS2 for SOCOM II and ran across something for you as it relates to Halo 2...

I was wrong above. If your laptop is wireless, the complete set up changes entirely. If laptop is wireless, you then connect the oXbox (or PS2) to the laptop via Ethernet, not to the router.

I have both going into the router, hardwired.

Re: Halo 2 Online Free 360 & oXbox 2018/19 - Xlink Kai, RB M

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 3:13 pm
by Jagosaurus
Any1 want to jump on some Halo 2 multi-player? Keep in mind this works on a 360 over wifi as well.

I actually just got it running on the 360 for the first time today. Just the first time I've bothered with my oXbox usually plugged in.

Ther are 95 people playing right now. They're all logged into South America. I jumped right into a game, but I think it'd be cool to get a NA game rolling. Let's look at doing a meet up one night. Happy to help with any testing beforehand.

I really need to get on Discord with y'all. Could come in handy here.

Re: Halo 2 Online Free 360 & oXbox 2018/19 - Xlink Kai, RB M

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 10:38 am
by JoeAwesome
Keep fighting the good fight with Xlink Kai, brother. If my priorities were different, I'd definitely join you. If you ever want to get a fightcade match going, you could get me really motivated for that.

Re: Halo 2 Online Free 360 & oXbox 2018-20 - Xlink Kai, RB M

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:01 am
by Jagosaurus
We had a full North American lobby last night in 8 v 8 slayer. 2 ppl waiting to get in, so 18 players.


Here's an invite to the Discord where we organize meet ups & voice chat during gameplay:

Cool group of dudes who boot up their OG Xbox or 360 (cross play works there) a few times a month. Fun times.

As a FYI - I did invest in Master Chief Collection last year. We chatted about that here at some point IIRC. Happy to see 343 stuck with the improvements. Keep in mind, the Halo 2 Classic multiplayer is a XB1 port of the Vista port (not OG xbox). It's not perfect, but solid. I'd say it's 90% there for H2C MP. It looks amazing. You'll notice some melee "pull" differences & potentially sniping. Also the FPS jumped from 30 to 60. It just gives it a different feel & makes the button combos (XBR!) harder to pull off. Overall, I enjoy it though & can recommend due to the work they've put in & plans they still have.

Add me on MCC Xbox Live:

I play mostly H2C, H2A, & H1/CE multiplayer. Would be open to some co-op.