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The Trouble with Japanese Plastic...

by artphotodude Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:49 pm

My current apartment is NICE. Nicest I've ever had, but we have a SIGNIFICANT rodent problem that somewhat complicates what might otherwise be a slick, affordable flat. You might ask kind reader what this has to do with videogames, but hold - I'm getting to that.

As we all know, much of Retro-Gaming's heritage and collective body is Japanese. Not just the coding and design of the games, but also much of the hardware actually used to be made in Japan (have seen in my 45 years, that phrase going from a sign of shame to about the best indicator of quality a product can have - right up there with "Made in Switzerland"). Necessity being the mother of invention - how do you produce millions of shinny (or sometimes matte-finished) plastic objects in a country with next-to-no oil reserves? Well a LOT is imported, but over the centuries the Japanese have become masters of refining and fabricating materials, from lubricating-oils/grease to actual solid plastics, from FISH OILS!

Back to mice - they might not be the brightest creatures in the world, but their noses kick ours to the curb and they can totally tell the difference between petroleum-based and fishoil-based (edible/ish) plastics. I first observed this with a very expensive Nikon 35mm Camera decades ago when one morning we noticed all of the buttons, switches and other black-shinny plastic parts were completely GONE! Nikon graciously recalled all effected cameras and replaced them with properly-indigestible plastic parts.

F.F. to now and my posh pad. The mice here are posh too: refusing to dine at the MANY mousetraps in every corner, and not stooping so low as to soil their pause (much less get stuck-to-death) on the glue-boards under every surface. They are right proper connoisseurs of luxury and imported cuisine, and have in the last year cost me over $120 in replacement used controllers, cables and cords in game room. The thin, fine grey cables of Wii sensor-bars being the particular ambrosia-of-choice this dining season.

The good news is that it turns out that they like Cheese-it Crackers more than life itself, and between that and halva (a sort of sesame-seed peanut butter) in the traps, they are finally under control, and all the of the retro-gear is now not allowed to rest of the floor at all, when not in use.

I used to be one of those people who would put up a calendar of cute pictures of field mice sleeping in flowers and such, but now I'm looking for a calender of "better" mouse traps! :twisted:
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Re: The Trouble with Japanese Plastic...

by JoeAwesome Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:57 pm

You sure said a lot to ask for a mouse trap rec :lol:
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Re: The Trouble with Japanese Plastic...

by Hagen97 Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:56 am

A few quick and creative solutions of the top of my head would be these-

-You mentioned that they like cheez-its. Do some research on a decent mouse poison (preferably liquid) and coat the cheez-its with it

- Nintendo has started coating its switch cartridges with a bitter chemical to deter children from potentially swallowing it., playing off of this idea, try and find some sort of substance to cote your plastics and wires with. one that will deter the mice but not harm consoles and such in any way. One that immediately comes to mind is peppermint. Mice do not enjoy the smell nor taste of peppermint, and it is not hard to find peppermint oils. and the room would smell wonderful as well so there's a bonus.

- invest in an ultrasonic rodent repeller. It is a small device that admits a high pitch sound high enough for rodents and such to hear but too high for humans to hear (unless your head is right next to it) You should be able to keep it plugged in without it disturbing you. I live practically in the middle of a cornfield and our field mice population isn't small. I use one of these devices in my garage and in my basement and haven't had a single problem since.

Hope these solutions helped or at least gave you a new starting point. Best of luck.
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