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Re: Sea Of Thieves (people play this game and talk about it)

by Blu Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:56 pm

I had an amazing voyage with Bogus. We had a incredible sea battle over a fortress, full of gold and riches. It involved two perilous sloops, one with Bogus and I, and another with some youngsters in their own. We started out by arriving together and forging an alliance and splitting the treasure 50/50, between the two crews of two.

Then the Galleons arrived. Chaos broke out, all killing of the skeletal denizens of the fortress went the wayside, and it became the living fighting the living. For. Two. Hours. Bogus and I sank four Galleons in total. Our poor wingman of a sloop sank probably 2-3 times, but resiliently they sailed back each time. We went down once, sailed back from one of the furthest parts north from the map back to the southernmost fort on the map. We arrived to find the sloop giving chase to a retreating Galleon. We took this as a cue to finish up the waves of skeletons, and finally beat the fortress!

Bogus has so many details of our feats against the treachery of the Galleons. It involves an insider job from one of the Galleon's crew members, who was tired of our debonair sailing skills.

We're loading up the boat when we hear shouts of: "FRIENDLY! FRIENDLY". It's our allied partners in crime. They called us awesome, we gave them a fair share of the loot, and headed out before them to cash our loot in. We are waiting to see if they made it to the island, and as I crest the hill, I see they're being chased by yet another Galleon. We help them offload their treasure, so they can turn it in. Then we got drunk, vomited everywhere and on everyone, and were murdered by the crew from the Galleon. It all culminated with a screenshot on the Ferry of the Damned.

10/10 would play sail again.
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Re: Sea Of Thieves (people play this game and talk about it)

by BogusMeatFactory Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:20 am

Blu nailed it. Let me paint this picture for you. Blu and I began our journey with a desire to do a couple missions here and there and get a feel for each other's play styles as this was our first voyage together. We get a few treasures here and there when we notice a galleon. They seemed to be going about their business when we notice the ominous skull cloud of a skeleton fort raid. Standing between us is that galleon. We throw our inhibitions to the wind and sail forth, calling out to said galleon, "FRIENDLY! COME TAKE DOWN THIS FORT WITH US!" No response. The galleon circles us a few times and we stare on in confusion. It then takes off towards the fort so we assume they agree.

As they speed off past us, we take the time to stop at a shipwreck and procure some silk and tea crates from their underwater holds and continue our way.

It was then that we see another ship... a sloop this time and our calls for friendly were answered. Two kids... friends roughly around the age of 10-12 respond and we offer the same deal as we did to the galleon. 50/50. They agree and we decide to take down the galleon if it's there.

As we approach, we notice no ships ashore. Huh? Strange. We were sure that galleon was here a second ago. We begin. To attack the waves and waves of skeletons when we hear the distant sound of cannon fire. It seemed that some skeletons were manning canons and firing off towards an oncoming galleon.

It comes in hot and we quickly try to determine whether we need to kill them or not. They don't say much, but they don't attack us and are taking down the skeletons. One of their crew starts slowly moving explosive barrels around and I try to keep an eye on him. A large wave of gold skeletons appear and a galleon-man takes one of the explosive barrels and sets it down in the path of the oncoming skeletons... waits.... waits..... waits... And kamikazes himself by setting it off and destroying the skeletons.

It was a distraction to say the least as I turn to look at our boat, only to see a puff of smoke erupt from it. Someone shot an explosive barrel on our boat! We rush to patch it up and bail water and declare war. The kids and us open fire and chaos ensues. We look out and we see a second galleon has come to join the fight. We notice that our wares we procured from the shipwreck were taken and I make a mad dash for the offenders ship to reap vengeance. One of the pirates I killed in the water was named animefan69 or something to that fact. At one point I die and on the ferry of the Damned I see anime fan and ask him what his favorite anime is and he better not say dragonballz. He says, "Bleach." And I groan! That was the only thing ever said to us by any pirate that night and it had to be a single word. "Bleach."

All the while our comrades lost their ship and are fighying tooth and nail to stay alive and keep pur boat afloat. As I get on board the galleon I am able to hide amongst the hold in the chaos, to see a woman repairing some leaks. I quickly kill her, find our tea chest and hide.

Blu had been killed and our ship sunk, but I stayed on board the galleon as it slowly filled with water. As I became submerged below deck, that same woman comes around I chase her, taking her down once again. I hear a cry from above deck, "Are we sinking?!" I scream, "YES AND I SUNK IT!" laugh maniacally and escape as it goes under, with tea chest in hand. As I approach land I drop the chest and look out to see two of the galleon members swimming towards me. I take aim and fire... I hit my mark. I take aim again.... click.... I'm out of ammunition. I quickly make a mad dash to an ammo chest and begin to hide. One of the two boys is still in the fort fighting and I notice the second, unsunk galleon is shored up by the fort and they too are fighting skeletons. This is gonna get hairy.

I sneak around and find some foes and take them out.... one.... two.... three... They fall. I get the jump on a pirate and am about to fire on them when I realize... It's the kid! We both yell friendly and are relieved that we are still alive.. But we both were lacking a ship, with our crewmmates working hard to get back to us and join the fray. We decide to hold up in the fort and fight. The kid is moving around the perimeter and I blockaded myself up with explosive barrels at the entrance to the central throne room. If they were coming in, they were on for a surprise.

I head upstairs to get a view of what is going on and I am jumped By an assailant. His blunderbus misses the mark completely as I quickly take him down.

I move back down for he throne room and I keep saying, "Kid, what is your username." I forgot and definitely don't want to set off the trap on him.... there so no response. I am at those barrels as I hear the endless barrage of gunfire over and over and over again. I don't know if the targets are man or skeleton. I wait... And wait and wait, never losing sight of that precious barrel.

Then I see her... a pirate I have killed numerous times already enters and without hesitation, I fire. The explosion sets off a chain reaction that kills her and myself. I try to tell her no hard feelings on the ferry, but am met only with a silent steely gaze. She must be livid.

Blu and I reunite as I spawn on our boat as it makes its way back to the fort and into the fray. When we arrive we see a galleon fighting a sloop which we assume is our boys. The galleon is using kamikaze moves, jumping on board ships, dropping anchor and killing the crew.. They keep taking us down, but they are unable to sink our ship. We prevail... We always prevail. At a certain point we begin to run out of supplies, particularly boards. So I decide it's time to get crazy. I see them parked by the fort and I quickly get on board and as soon as I get on deck an explosion erupts and the ship quickly sinks. "WHAT!?" I kill the struggling crew and there is one guy who just yells, "Bogus!? Bogus!?" I don't recognize this voice. "We're you a member of that crew?" The man in the water asks me. I tell him no and he laughs and says, "Neither was I. I blew up their boat... I'm logging off.. you can kill me if you want." I do and say goodnight.

Where did that man come from?!?!?! It was then blu and I finished the fort unabated, began gathering the treasure when a ship arrived. A sloop. It was our boys and we begin to celebrate! We split the treasure up and we begin to head back to the outpost to turn in our treasure. The boys were in tow, but a few minutes behind us. When we turn everything in we begin worrying about the boys. Blu scouts the area out and sees they are being chased by a galleon. They rear up and we quickly help them unload their treasure with oppressors hot on their tails. We have no room for error. We begin grabbing loot and leaving it by the proper vendors for them to turn in and the moment we do, they fire a man onto our ships deck and commandeer it. We let them, as we had nothing of value. We then decide to head up for a drink and see if the galleon might join us.

We drink and puke and laugh about the insane adventure we had and the galleon comes up to say hello. We offer them drinks and they offer us bullets as they take us down. I don't blame them... We denied them a whole lot of treasure. On the ferry of the Damned we all had a great time dancing and drinking and took a picture for posterity.

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Re: Sea Of Thieves (people play this game and talk about it)

by emilyidk Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:04 pm

I'm not a huge pirate fan but I think that this game has some potential if it does it advertising correctly :0 Good luck ! Hope you guys have fun with this game!
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Re: Sea Of Thieves (people play this game and talk about it)

by glowen Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:52 am

I've played it a lot when the game was popular among streamers (or sponsored i don't know). I see it getting updated and even more content is coming on the way. I've played for 27 hours, and now waiting for more content. I mean, more substance to the incentive to explore the map and kill those skellies :)

Overall i loved this game, i think it will have its moment in the future, now people are hyping up new stuff :/
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Re: Sea Of Thieves (people play this game and talk about it)

by kingdomslayer Mon Sep 03, 2018 12:04 pm

I LOVE sea of theives, maybe I'm a weird guy) but I think the game play is awesome, I've spent like plenty of hours into it and I really like the graphics and things. 10/10!
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