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Re: Games Beaten 2017

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:27 am
by marurun
Mega Bomberman is the MD version of Bomberman 94 on PCE, and I think the PCE version is better.

Re: Games Beaten 2017

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:43 am
by PartridgeSenpai
Partridge Senpai's 2017 Beaten Games:

1. Tales of Hearts R (Vita)
2. UPPERS (Vita)
3. Volume (Vita)
4. Overlord: Minions (DS)
5. Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS)
6. Overlord II (PS3)
7. Overlord: Dark Legend (Wii)
8. La-Mulana (Remake) (PC)
9. Infamous: Second Son (PS4)
10. htol#NiQ: The Firefly Diary (Vita)
11. Blood Bowl (360)
12. Dead to Rights: Retribution (360)
13. Bioshock Infinite (360)
14. Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Part 1 (360)
15. Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Part 2 (360)
16. Singularity (360)
17. Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter X (Saturn)
18. Ultraman: Hikari No Kyojin Densetsu (Saturn)
19. Donkey Kong 64 (N64) (repeat)
20. Song of the Deep (PS4)

21. Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 (GCN)

My brother's favorite fighting game when he was back in college, which I happened to find at the local resale store for real cheap a few months back. It's good fun, but I'm pretty bad at it. I'm not the biggest Naruto fan, but I did watch a decent portion of the original series back then the English dub was on TV, so I'm reasonably familiar with the story in the mission mode. It's fun, but I'm not very good at it Xp

It's an Eighting game, so like Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, it's a matter of simple to learn, hard to master. A normal attack button and a special attack button along with joystick combonations make up your normal attack ripitioure. After that, you've got a big mess of combos, dashing clockwise and counter-clockwise, a chakra bar for directional counters and supers, as well as counters to really spice things up and make you feel like you're trash at fighting games (which I am :P ). The game loads CRAZY fast for a disk game though. Like, you'd almost think it was on a cartridge with how quick it loads. The framerate dips during some of the super move animations, but other than that, it runs great and looks really smooth as well.

The presentation is top notch. The voice acting is all great (if it isn't from the show directly, it's definitely the same voice actors), and characters will even have unique enterance dialogue depending on whom they're fighting. Music is varried and fun, lots of very colorful stages which are locations from the show. Tons of characters, but they take FOREVER to unlock. That is the worst thing I can say about the game: It would literally take you days of grinding money to unlock all the characters (something which I did not do. I just beat the arcade and mission modes).

Verdict: Recommended. If you like Gamecube 4-player fighters, this one is great fun with some great depth. It starts with 10 of 25 characters unlocked, and it's not an insurmountable feat to unlock a few more (unless you're dead set on Orochimaru or Itashi, in which case you're gonna be there for a long while). It's pretty cheap as well, so it won't break the bank!

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Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:32 pm
by alienjesus
marurun wrote:Mega Bomberman is the MD version of Bomberman 94 on PCE, and I think the PCE version is better.

Oh, I'm aware it's a port. Either version of Bomberman 94 is significantly better than Bomberman 93 and Bomberman on PC Engine though imo.

I haven't played the PCE version of Bomberman 94 to compare it to the Mega Drive port.

Re: Games Beaten 2017

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:05 pm
by marurun
I can't entirely agree, though i can see why you might prefer Mega. 93 does have a certain charm to it that endears it to the Bomberman community.

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Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:48 pm
by Blu
1. Runbow - Wii U
2. Battlefield 1 - Xbox One
3. Until Dawn - PS4
4. Super Mario Sunshine - Gamecube
5. Titanfall 2 - Xbox One
6. Wario Ware, Inc: Mega Party Game$ - Gamecube
7. Pikmin 2 - Gamecube
8. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Wii U

What can I possibly write about this game that truly does it justice? It simply needs to be experienced. There's so much I love. The combat is fantastic. The music adds just the right amount of ambiance. The Dragon Roost Isle remix is incredible, and Zora strikes up nice warm memories. Its character development is top notch. Zelda coming to terms with her destiny and she lives into her potential in an amazing way that had me in awe. The world simply lets you do what you'd like, and it feels like overworld that feels on par with OoT and LttP. The climbing is such a game changer and truly encourages exploration. The difficulty early on posed quite a challenge, but it tends to become quite easier as you progress, which is fine with me. If you're going to be the Hero of Courage, it's fitting that you're powering up through your journey. I LOVED the ending.

This was the best possible swansong I could have asked for as I say farewell to the Wii U.
This is hands down my game of the year. Thanks for knocking this one out of the park Nintendo. <3 10/10!

Re: Games Beaten 2017

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:45 pm
by Exhuminator
13. Unity.Rogue3D | Android | roguelike | 2015 | 2hrs | 7/10

Here's an Android based game about a young woman seeking recipes in a dangerous tower. Yes, recipes, as in food cooking instructions. For some reason these recipes are hidden away in a tower full of monsters and traps. Your goal is to guide her to said recipes safely, avoiding traps and killing the monsters, while collecting ever better equipment and beneficial consumables. Once a recipe is found, you must escape the tower with it alive. Doing so won't be simple, you'll need solid tactics and a solid dose of plain ol' good luck.


If you've played a roguelike, Unity.Rogue3D will be immediately familiar. This genre piece really does nothing innovative with its inspiration to speak of. However, Unity.Rogue3D does excel at being a competent and polished roguelike. Such competence is fairly rare in this genre actually, especially in the realm of proper balancing. Unity.Rogue3D is extremely well balanced, and never puts the player in a completely unfair situation. You're given ample supplies and consistent treasure, which if used wisely will save the day. Every time you leave the tower alive with a recipe, you essentially beat the game. But the more recipes you successfully recover, the more outfits you can unlock for the heroine over time.


Aside from being a well made roguelike, Unity.Rogue3D is also easy to look at. Graphics are consistently appealing, with appropriate sound in tow. The user interface may appear cluttered, but the informative GUI proves useful despite that. Controls are intuitive and easy to learn, even though the translation is rather Engrish overall. I wasn't expecting much from a 99ยข roguelike, but I was pleasantly surprised. Unity.Rogue3D isn't the most difficult roguelike you'll ever play, but it might be one of the few you bother finishing. ... udio.rogue

Re: Games Beaten 2017

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:47 pm
by Fragems
1. VVVVVV (Vita)
2. Firewatch (PS4)
3. Watchdogs (PS4) replay
4. Watchdogs 2 (PS4)
5. Adr1ft (PS4)
6. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (PS4)
7. Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PS4)

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

This game is quite the disappointment. Wasn't expecting a ton going in but I expected at least some interesting expansion on the Mirrors Edge universe. However this game fails to even pull that off. What we get instead is an open world collectathon with poor level design, poor direction, a story which doesn't feel like it could plausibly connect with the first game, and crappy half assed new mechanics. Avoid this game even at $10 I still feel really let down :P.

If you are a fan of Mirrors Edge just pretend this game doesn't exist it. It's pretty clear that they wanted to make another game after this one or just abandoned this game for other projects because the ending doesn't connect up with Mirror's Edge at all and ends on a rather disappointing anticlimax with a shitload of plot holes all over the place. I'd say 90% of the characters simply disappear without having their story wrapped up and one character from Mirrors Edge is in a position which totally makes no sense and completely breaks the continuity since this is supposed to be a prequel. The last level is also a complete mess with even the opening cutscene being a bugged mess with the AI bots in the building skating around with no animation :roll: .

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Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:26 am
by MrPopo
The game was a reboot of the story. Expecting it to link up was setting yourself up for disappointment.

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Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:25 am
by dsheinem
Games Beaten 2017
Inside - PS4
Street Fighter V - PS4
TIMEframe - PC
Rituals - PC
Mother Russia Bleeds - PC
Horizon: Zero Dawn - PS4
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Switch *new*

Total: 7

Previously: 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

What this game accomplishes from both a design standpoint and from a sheer "fun factor" standpoint is nearly unparalleled. I can easily say that it is, at least as of this moment, a game that I consider:

the best Switch game ever :lol:
the best Wii U game ever
the best Zelda game ever
the best Nintendo-made game ever
...and probably one of the top 10 best video games ever made

I don't know if Nintendo will ever again create the kinds of innovative games that have the same level of long-term influence as their most revered 8-bit and 16-bit titles (something I've brought up in the past (in a loooong discussion))...but this is arguably the closest they have gotten to that high water mark since that time. The way that it blends open-world dynamics with a lot of classic Zelda gameplay and design is really astonishing, and I enjoyed every minute of the 60+ hours I spent on this game (I did all 4 guardians, about 40 shrines, got the master sword, and did a fair amount of the work needed for the full ancient armor set). There's still a lot of this game to go back to, also - I would guess easily as much time can be spent doing sidequests and the rest of the shrines as I spent so far.

Bring on the DLC! on to Mass Effect: Andromeda (I have played only an hour so far). I also need to spend some time outside of "long-game land" :lol:

Re: Games Beaten 2017

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:48 am
by Fragems
MrPopo wrote:The game was a reboot of the story. Expecting it to link up was setting yourself up for disappointment.

So it was a reboot? I thought it was pitched as a prequel for ages?

I see now that changed last minute wtf EA :roll: . No wonder the story was complete shit.