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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by laurenhiya21 Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:35 pm

Exhuminator wrote:
laurenhiya21 wrote:So that's 5 games beaten, 11 games retired, and 4 left to go. Since I'm nearly finished Meruru and winter break is coming up, I might be able to finish those four off. I don't think any of them are super incredibly long... We'll see I guess

I say prioritize Ys Origin.

Don't worry, Ys Origin is definitely going to be played this year. I'm going to my parent's place for Christmas, so it'll be a good opportunity to bring my Vita and play some Ys :)
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by Segata Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:59 pm

To not play Ys Origin if given the chance should be criminal.
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by bmoc Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:25 pm

bmoc wrote:1. Get a Nintendo Switch.
2. Get a RetroUSB AVS + Everdrive. Still waiting on more Polymega info to drop. The preorder campaign is supposed to happen this fall and we are almost out of fall :(
3. Get an OSSC and maybe sell my last PVM.
4. Get Breath of the Wild, Cuphead, Tekken 7, MvC Infinite, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Tekken 7 and MvC Infinite aren't happening this year unless they end up being a surprise Christmas gift. I just don't have the hype for them that I once had. I'll eventually pick them up. Maybe when there is a DLC rollup version.

I did alright this year. I think my theme for next year's resolutions will be mostly related to my backlog.
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by dsheinem Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:08 pm

Time to tally up how I did with the goals I set for last year:

dsheinem wrote:So, all that aside, here's what I think I'd like to set up as goals for 2016. As a fun addition, I have also given myself an "out" for each one.

Organizing: Continue to significantly reduce my physical game collection to reduce its footprint in my home. I pared down a good 1/3 or so of it this year and could probably do about the same next year. I have gone digital as much as I think I can, and will continue to do so.
Get out of this if: I move to a home with a killer basement or similar space that can become a den of games, movies, music, etc.

How did I do?
I think I split the difference here, as I did pare down my collection quite a bit further, but also got a home with a new space to put a bunch of my game and other media related stuff

Writing: Write 3-4 lengthier articles around something to do with games. At least one of these should be targeted to an academic audience, and one should be geared towards a more general readership.
Get out of this if: I put together and send out a proposal for a new book that has something to do with games[/quote]

How did I do?
Not well at all. 2017 was a down year for writing for me both personally and professionally, but I think I needed the break from it more than anything. I did pen a piece on Bioshock I am proud of, but that was about the extent of game-related writing for me this year.

Playing: Play through at least ten highly regarded games that are exclusive to PCs and that are new to me These can be new or old, but must be something that is universally well reviewed and praised.
Get out of this if: I take up a PC MMO or MOBA and sink at least 100 hours into it.[/quote]

How did I do?
I probably played at least a half dozen PC exclusives, though I don’t know that I’d consider more than half of them “highly regarded”. I didn’t do a very good job on this one.

Playing: I own full sets of 32X, 7800, and PS1 Longbox games. I need to play these more. My goal is to play 10% of each of each of these three libraries this year - I want to play these games for either long enough to beat them or at least long enough to write a meaningful post about my experience.
Get out of this if: I play through 4 games each on the Intellivision, ColecoVision, Tandy Coco2, and Odyssey 2

How did I do?
I broke up the sets and sold all/most of the titles I owned for these systems. :lol:

Collecting: Since I am trying to reduce my physical gaming footprint, I don't have much here that I want to do. However, I think it'd be sweet to grab a few really nice/high-end or custom controllers and other accessories. Some nice headphones. An expensive cross-platoform racing wheel. An Xbox One Elite controller. Some SNES or NES bluetooth controllers. That kind of thing.
Get out of this if: I build a better MAME machine for my arcade cabinet and spruce the whole thing up. [/quote]

How did I do?
I think I sort of did both of these, at least part way. I bought a couple of Elite X1 controllers, bought and set up a RetroPie with some classic controllers, some high end headphones, etc. More significantly, I bought a large and expensive 4K TV and sound system for the main room of the house that has been my go to place for both modern and some older games. It is a bit of gaming nirvana, to be honest!

Community: Start at least two threads a month that are specifically about retro games, interesting and engaging, and that try and capture some of what many folks feel has been "lost" about the culture of discussion on Racketboy. I've been here a long time and contributed a lot, but I think I can do a better job of expanding the forum content in productive directions instead of just burrowing down into long-running threads and leaving fly by snark!
Get out of this if: I contribute to or create some kind of meaningful new addition to the site outside of the forums.[/quote]

How did I do?
I kept this up for a while this year but sort of fell off late. I think the ban on political disucssion on the site has curbed some of my interest in posting overall, and this resolution became one of the casualties of that sentiment.

So a bit of a mixed always :lol:
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by Exhuminator Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:21 pm

Well time to face the music myself...

Exhuminator's 2017 gaming goals:

1. Get my new dork cave setup and fully functional.

I did do this. It was a LOT of work. I'm very much enjoying the results. I need to spend more time in there actually.

2. Beat Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

I did do this. I learned Tactics Ogre is a good challenging SRPG, but an overrated one.

3. Beat Demon's Souls.

I did do this. Demon's Souls was terribly challenging and terribly awesome. I loved it.

4. Beat The 7th Saga.

I didn't do this at all. My save remains halfway through the game as it was last year. It would help if 7th Saga was actually fun.

5. Beat at least five Vita games.

I only beat two Vita games in 2017. For all the praise I give the Vita, I damn sure don't play it enough. Blame it on too many gaming options! I will treat you better next year little guy.

Overall I'd give myself a B- for this year's resolution completion. Not too shabby.
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by alienjesus Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:03 pm

alienjesus wrote:1. Beat 3 games in order to buy 1
This is the complicated one. Basically, I'll randomly select a game from my backlog using the backloggery's fortune cookie function. Then I'll choose 2 other unbeaten games for that console. I have to beat those 3 games before I can buy another. This means I beat more than I buy, the random game means I play stuff I might not otherwise, choosing the other 2 gives me some degree of freedom, and sticking to once console focuses my playing more than usual.

I didn't manage this at all. I did well early on, but mid year my games beaten slowed down but my games purchased did not. I about broke even at the end of the year between games bought and games beat.

2. Finish my alphabet marathon
Yeah, still a ways off finishing this. I'm only at game T.
I didn't even attempt this, although by chance I beat my game T and game U early on. I'm just giving up on this for next year.

3. Buy a Switch and one other new console
I'm thinking Sega Mega CD or SG1000. Maybe Wonderswan though!
Typical, the only goal I accomplished was the one about buying more stuff. I bought a Switch and a Wonderswan Color in the end.

This was one of my worst years for finishing up gaming goals. I've set some ambitious ones for next year, so hopefully I do better on those.
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by Forlorn Drifter Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:05 pm

Forlorn Drifter wrote:Haven't done this yet, and I don't even know where to start... hmm.

1. Break my addiction to trophies, most likely by buying new games/non PS3/PS4 games faster than I have time to worry about them.

2. BUT... with this, I want to be quicker to admit when a game isn't for me, or I'm no longer having fun with something I originally liked. I'm quite tired of my habit of holding on to things "In case I want it again."

3. Complete any Souls/King's Field game BESIDES Bloodborne. I have yet to do it, and damn it, I can't have my gaming cred slashed like that.

4. Long shot, but to have some kind of emulation box going. I've been mulling and crowing over this for months now, and have yet to do it.

5. Beat MegaMan 1-6.

6. Another long shot... find some gaming friends, who aren't weirdos. I've actually found this to be very hard.

1, 2, and 3 are done. For 3, I completed Dark Souls 3. 4, 5, and 6 didn't happen. 6 was unlikely anyways, I can hardly make friends in general. :lol:
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by laurenhiya21 Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:54 pm

Already so close to the end of the year! Time flies!
laurenhiya21 wrote:1. Ar Tonelico 2 (PS2)
2. Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure (GC)
3. Persona 3 Portable (PSP)
4. Kirby Super Star (SNES emu)
5. 999 (Vita)
6. Yakuza 0 (PS4)
7. Atelier Meruru (PS3)
8. Dungeons of Dredmor (Steam)
9. Ys Origin (Vita)

Since my last post, I've retired Four Swords Adventures, retired Dungeons of Dredmor, and beaten Atelier Meruru. Now the only game left is Ys Origin. I probably would have started it already but I forgot to bring my memory card with me on my trip and you must have one to play it on a Vita :( So annoying, especially since I couldn't play it on my Vita TV either.

Well, even if I can't beat Ys Origin in time for the new year, having only 1 unchecked game isn't too bad. I'll still play it once I get back home though.

laurenhiya21 wrote:I also think I wanted to get the rest of the NA WiiU games that I wanted... Since I only have two left to go (LoZ: Twilight Princess HD and Paper Mario: Colour Splash), that's easily doable I think :D

I got Colour Splash fairly recently, so now I only need Twilight Princess HD. I may or may not buy a copy before the end of the new year, but either way that's not too bad :)

I think I've done fairly well with my goals this year. Perhaps they were a bit lame goals though, so I'll have to think of some better ones for next year.
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by Jagosaurus Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:22 pm

Long post via mobile
My 2017 Goals:
Jagosaurus wrote:General Mods, Flash Carts, etc:
‌• Soft Mod my Wii via LetterBomb method (RVL-001 which is CGN compatible)
‣ Main purpose: Get .iso files for retail Wii & GCN games running.
‣ Secondary purpose: Run emulators for retro systems. I already have multiple emulators running well on the oXbox (see links in signature), but the Wii will become more reliable over time as the big black box isn’t getting any younger.

‌• Begin ripping my PS2 collection to .iso files on PC (likely using ImgBurn) for playing off PS2 HDD with OPL
‣ Transfer games I want to play first or play often over to internal PS2 HDD via WinHIIP. I have already this working for multiple game .isos downloaded. The goal here is to backup my personal collection and save wear on PS2 disc drive by playing off HDD (see link in signature).
‣ Transfer other games to external storage device (my PS2 HDD is only 250GB).
‣ Respectively trim down the PS2 collection for less collectable/generic titles I don’t mind getting rid of.
‣ I don't really expect to finish this as I own quite a bit of PS2 games, but want to make some headway.

‌• Install Pop Starter to play PS1 .isos files off modded PS2 via USB & HDD within Open PS2 Loader (OPL)
‣ This is actually a pretty involved homebrew app and will take some tinkering. I'd enjoy getting it working and sharing with forum members. This could really pump life back into any PS2 systems with dead lasers in the future.

‌• Order the Atari Jaguar SD Flash Cart (link) when pre-orders open
‣ Estimated at 6 months out, by same creator as Lynx SD cart.

‌• Research and follow progress on Optical Drive Emulators - ODEs (such as the Dreamcast USB GDROM) and similar solutions (such as Jaguar CD Unleashed, PSIO, Saturn V-CD slot exploit).

Specific Games:
‌• Finish Doom 3 on oXbox.
‣Halfway done now.

‌• Finish God of War on PS2.
‣Entering last temple/area.

‌• Beat Breath of Fire 2
‣ As part of November together retro

‌• Play Fantasy Zone
‣ As part of August together retro

General Thoughts, Etc:
I have my second kiddo due in March :] so time (and money... and space :lol:) will be limited this year. The 3 modding related line items above will take up a good bit of my time early in the year as I’ll get sidetracked and deep dive into playing games when "testing" functionality 8) !

You'll notice the continued trend towards flash carts, system mods, console based emulation (on Wii, oXbox), and game/system preservation. This part of the hobby has really sucked me in versus amassing a game collection.

I did pick a couple Together Retro games to play with the crew later in the year. I may join in on others if time permits. I don't want to commit to too many games as I'll really be cramming in several 8/16/32/64 bit games in smaller chunks as real life time management allows. Save states on flash carts and in emus really help out here.

Here's to a great 2017!!! :D

I actually did ok considering the circumstances. My downstairs flooded in August due to Hurricane Harvey so the later year Together Retros I picked didn't happen. Working full time & playing General Contractor had me exhausted at night. I played games in small doses, read, & watched movies. That's all (well 98% or so) done now so I can get back in the groove!

I decided to focus my tinkering time on modded oXbox & PC emulation versus sinking time into another custom system mod with the Wii. I can carry PC emulation along throughout life and across generations and machines. I felt the Wii mod was cool but overlapped my oXbox baby too much :) also the oXbox handles arcade better so I got that running.

I ripped TONS of PS2 games and got the isos running off the HDD on original hardware. I sold ~110 PS2 games thanks to this. I essentially created my own digital archive.

I did get PS1 game iso loading via USB on the PS2 (POPStarter via softmod) working!

The Jaguar flash cart isn't out yet so I couldn't order, but I'm closely following the development.

I learned A LOT about ODEs (Optical Drive Emulators) for disc based systems thanks to some awesome members here. My only concern is with hardware in general. Sure, this replaces the most likely piece to fail (disc drive) but the system components such as caps are prone to failure over time as well. I'm likely leaning towards emu here as well.

I was actually just playing Doom 3 two nights ago on oXbox. I'm considering picking it back up on 360 so I can play it in HD. AND to finish in proper fashion... I'm still on the very last area of God of War since 2015 :lol:. Maybe it's time I scratch that one 8)

Here's to a less hectic 2018!!!
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Re: 2017 Gaming goals and resolutions

by mas Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:32 am

Well it’s time for me to face my music as I accomplish nothing in mine. With everything that went down last year not one thing got done between jobs and losing all of my savings, it was a crazy year. Here is my recap

Making a whole new list for 2017.
1. Finish my game gear collection
2. Finish collecting for master system
3. Buy a mini arcade cab for game room
4. Get 2 arcade official sticks for Dreamcast
5. Get the wwf winged eagle belt
6. Pay off credit debt.
I know it's a lot and with my bills backed up but one my mind goes to that level of determination I get what I want.
I should have most of these done by November
There is always 2018 lol
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