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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by MrPopo Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:38 am

First 50:

Second 50:
51. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne - PC
52. Starflight - PC
53. Skies of Arcadia - Dreamcast
54. Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 - PC
55. Super Star Wars - SNES
56. Shadowrun: Hong Kong - PC
57. Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel - PC
58. The Catacomb - PC
59. Azure Striker Gunvolt - 3DS
60. Mighty Gunvolt - 3DS
61. Catacomb Abyss - PC
62. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - PC
63. Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut - PC
64. Wolfenstein 3D Spear of Destiny - PC
65. StarCraft - PC
66. Metal Storm - NES
67. Septerra Core - PC
68. Metal Warriors - SNES
69. Zelda II - The Adventure of Link - NES
70. Anachronox - PC
71. Faxanadu - NES
72. Adventures of Lolo - NES
73. Ninja Gaiden 2 - NES
74. Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming - PC
75. Mega Man 5 - NES
76. MechWarrior 3 - PC
77. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - NES
78. Faria - NES
79. Rebel Galaxy - PC
80. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game - NES
81. Grim Fandango - PC
82. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - PC
83. Fallout 4 - PC
84. Bloodrayne - PC
85. Bloodrayne 2 - PC
86. Catacomb Armageddon - PC
87. This Starry Midnight We Make - PC
88. Shadowrun Dragonfall - Director's Cut - PC
89. Catacomb Apocalypse - PC
90. Super Mario Bros. - NES
91. Tomb Raider Legend - PC
92. Super Mario Bros. 3 - NES
93. Tomb Raider Anniversary - PC
94. Tomb Raider Underworld - PC
95. StarCraft Brood War - PC
96. Ninja Pizza Girl - PC
97. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - Claptastic Voyage - PC
98. Duke Nukem Forever - The Doctor Who Cloned Me - PC
99. Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil - PC
100. Painkiller - Battle Out of Hell - PC

101. Alien Isolation - PC
102. Medal of Honor Allied Assault - Spearhead - PC
103. Medal of Honor Allied Assault - Breakthrough - PC
104. Castlevania Bloodlines - Genesis
105. MechWarrior 3: Pirate's Moon - PC
106. Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption - PC
107. Star Fox Assault - GCN
108. Contraption Maker - PC
109. Panzer Dragoon - Saturn
110. Hexen II - PC
111. Sin - PC

Sin is an innovative and well put together late 90's shooter that had the misfortune of being released a week before Half-Life, forever dooming it to relative obscurity. Which is a shame, because if Half-Life hadn't overshadowed it we'd be talking about all the neat stuff it does.

Sin is about private cop and awesome name holder John Blade. The game starts with him intervening in a bank robbery. However, you soon discover that this was not just a simple heist, and it's connected to Sintek, one of the largest companies in the world, run by Elexis Sinclaire. And as you explore into the connection with Sintek you discover mutants and a horrible plot to force a massive genetic change upon humanity.

Sin feels like a natural evolution of some of the things we saw in Duke Nukem 3D. Our hero is chatty and likes to taunt enemies he kills. The main villain is hilariously sexual (and the other females dress like stripper nurses and use her gag boobs model) and actually manages to escape at the end by Basic Instincting our hero. There's also a lot of interactivity with the world, including interacting with PCs that actually requires you to select the options you want and in a few instances type in queries. This is the game that Duke Nukem Forever wanted to be back in the day.

The game also has quite good AI; many times they will fall back to regroup when you're on a rampage and overall they provide much more challenge than the typical "stand there and shoot the hero" AI that was common at the time. It isn't as good as the marine AI from Half-Life, though. Additionally, the game features location based damage not just for enemies but the player as well. Being able to land headshots is critical for the player if they don't want to take too much damage, and the player can armor their torso, head, and legs, with the armor wearing out at different rates depending on where enemy fire is hitting you. Slain enemies drop their weapon to give you ammo when you pick it up, but you can also search corpses to find keycards, health, and armor replacements. Rather than the Doom style add the number to your current number you instead will replace your armor if the armor on the body has a higher number than yours.

The levels flow together well, with a variety of objectives including a couple of stealth levels. The game does allow you to guns blazing through the stealth levels, though it does come at the cost of ammo and health. There are also a variety of secondary objectives, some of which are for bragging rights while others actually unlock a few hidden levels off the beaten path. None of them is critical, they just flesh out the experience a bit more. This is a very story based FPS, which was rather novel at the time. In fact, I'd say it's on par with what Half-Life did, though Half-Life didn't include a mission control like you get in Sin. It leads to a different dynamic, but the overall way you move from logical area to logical area is still there.

The biggest problem the game has is that the sniper rifle is awful in the hands of the AI. It's a completely silent weapon, which means if you aren't quick saving a lot you tend to get murderlated by enemy snipers. Two body shots will exhaust your armor and the third will probably put you in the ground. And some maps like to put snipers behind you as you come out a door, so if you don't know they're there they'll definitely get one or two shots in your back as you proceed. The game also lacks any indicator of where damage is coming from, so you're usually dead before you realize it. Late game the game also likes to give enemies rocket launchers, which is quite rough on your armor.

Still, I had a lot of fun with the game, and it's a real shame it flew under the radar at first and then Sin Episodes got cancelled because the devs got bought out by a casual games company.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Markies Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:42 am

Xeogred wrote:
Markies wrote:I beat Legend of Mana on the Playstation 1 this afternoon!

Secret of Mana was one of my favorite games that I played recently, so I was incredibly excited to play this one as well. I know the games have very little to do with each other, but it was still fun to go through the series. I had heard mixed reactions to this game and I can see why. At the beginning, there is very little explanation. In a matter of minutes, you can make a mistake that will haunt you for the rest of the game. There is nothing in discussing the missions or how to go about them or even what to do.

However, once you figure what to do, the game is incredible. The art style and graphics are simply top notch and some of the best on the console. The music is phenomenal and really adds to the storybook atmosphere. I really loved discovering new places and figuring out each quest that I would find. I would say the overarching story is rather weak and the combat can be a little iffy at times as well.

But, the game can be a joy to play. It's not easy to get into and takes a little work, so follow a good Walkthrough. Once you really get into it, the game is addicting and just a real joy to play through.

I am a huge fan of Evermore, Mana, and Densetsu 3... Legend of Mana has never sat well with me. Taking the party limit down to 2 and not having exp anymore (if I remember right???) were low blows, and the structure of the game was weird with the world building mechanics.

I've been wanting to give it another fair shot someday though, it's probably been a decade. lol

There is experience points. In fact, I was close to Level 60 by the end of the game and I was a bit over leveled.

But, I do agree with you. Unless I was forced to, I always did missions solo. The party aspect of the game was completely destroyed and it felt more singular than the other games.

The structure of the game is weird and the world building mechanics screwed me at the beginning of the game. However, the game gets really good and very addicting. It's worth a fair shot as it still is quite enjoyable.

GameFAQs didn't help me, but I did find this site: If you follow their walkthrough, you will get through everything and have much less confusion than normal.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by dsheinem Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:15 am

Games Beaten 2015
First 50 of the year:
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call - 3DS
A Bird Story - PC
Quake - PC
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - PS4
Quake: Scourge of Armagon - PC
Quake: Dissolution of Eternity - PC
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis - NDS
Painkiller - PC
Gungrave: Overdose - PS2
Adventure -Atari 2600 (PS2)
Auto Racing - Intellivision (PS2) [1979]
Boxing - Atari 2600 (PS2) [1980]
The Count - TI99/4A (emulated) [1981]
Dragonstomper - Atari 2600/Starpath Supercharger (emulated) [1982]
Enduro - Atari 2600 (PS2) [1983]
Diablo III - PS4
Front Line - Atari 2600 (emulated) [1984]
Gertie Goose - The Lost Eggs - C64 (emulated) [1985]
Ocean Commander - Wii
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - PS2
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - PS4
Mortal Kombat: Deception - PS2
The Order: 1886 - PS4
The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo - PC
Grab Them By The Eyes - PC
Growl - PS2/Arcade
Hydlide - NES [1986]
Ikari Warriors - NES [1987]
Jonah Barrington's Squash - C64 (emulated) [1988]
Steel Diver - 3DS
Super Mario 3D World - - Wii U
Quake II - PC
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - PS4
Kung Fu Louie vs. The Martial Art Posse - PC [1989]
Loom - PC [1990]
Metroid II: Return of Samus - GB [1991]
Ninja Commando - - Arcade (MAME) [1992]
Tennis in the Face - Vita
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - PS4
Quake II: The Reckoning - PC
Injustice: Gods Among Us - PS4
Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry - PS4
Infamous: First Light - PS4
Race the Sun - PS4
Mad Riders - PS3
Destiny: House of Wolves - PS4
Escape Goat 2 - PS4
Tower of Guns - PS4
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - PC
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars - PS3

Flower - PS4
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture- PS4
Towerfall - PS4
Cyberbots - PS1
Battletoads (Arcade) - Xbox One
Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious - Xbox One
Gunman Clive 2 - 3DS
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Vita
Rocket League - PS4
Far Cry 4 - PS4
Her Story - PC
Destiny: The Taken King - PS4
Retro City Rampage - Vita
Ultraflow - iOS
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Vita
Tansformers: Devastation - PS4
Call of Duty: Black Ops - PS3
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 360
Star Wars Battlefront II - PSP
Star Wars Battlefront (2015) - PS4
Bastion - Vita
Emily is Away - PC *new*
Undertale - PC *new*
Plug & Play - PC *new*
Dyscourse - PC *new*

Total: 76

Previously: 2014 | The First 400 Games

I am hoping to get to a total of 80 by the end of tomorrow night...which means that I will probably squeeze in at least a few shorter games here towards the end. This week I've been playing through some of the "indie darlings" of 2015 and, thus far, have found them to be a mixed bag.

Emily is Away is, essentially, an AOL Instant Messenger simulator. The player and the titular character are both about 5 years or so younger than me, so I didn't quite connect as I might otherwise to the pop culture references and specific anecdotes of the era, but I did very much connect to the use of AIM in college (and before) to negotiate relationships and express myself. For me, I found the game to be a bit of a downer - more of a lament about time wasted than a nostalgia for time gone by - but perhaps different choices/ending may make it cheerier for you. The game is free and entirely text based, so you may find it worth a look if your curiosity is piqued.

Undertale is pretty effing great. I'll say more about it in my "Best Games of 2015" roundup (in another week or so, probably), but I found the world and its characters charming, the story well written and funny, and the much-ballyhooed kill/spare mechanic to be anything but gimmicky. It is easily one of the best RPGs I have played in the past few years.

Plug & Play is really more of a short interactive film than it is a "game" proper, but it was sold as a game in a Humble Bundle and sits in my Steam library as a game, so I am counting it here! :lol: It is certainly one of the most surreal gaming experiences I have had, and I found myself saying "what the fuck?" out loud at least a few times. Good for a laugh on its surface and ripe for a critical unpacking if you were so inclined...

Dyscourse is a Kickstarted game that has you trying to navigate life with others on a desert island. It is short and a bit boring, but the style of the animation is at least novel. I suppose it has replay value if you want to see how many people you can keep together through to the ending or if you just genuinely enjoy situational ethics games, but I didn't find most of the characters to be very interesting. It did make me wish there was a more recent Gilligan's Island game...can anyone weigh in on the NES one? Worth a play through?
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by GSZX1337 Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:12 am

1) Cannon Spike - Dreamcast
2) I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream - PC
3) Mighty Gunvolt - 3DS (as Mighty No. 9)
4) Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X - PSP (Vile Mode)
5) StarCraft - PC
6) Naughty Bear - Xbox 360
7) The Last of Us - PS3
8] Eets (100-percented) - PC
9) Gunpoint - PC
10) The Last Story - Wii
11) Papers, Please - PC (Ending 18)
12) King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown (AGD VGA remake)
13) Dune 2000 - PC (easy :()
14) Clock Tower: The First Fear - PC (S Ending)
15-19) Sam & Max Season 3: The Devil's Playhouse - PC
20) Dishonored - PC
21) Call of Juarez - PC
22) Gargoyle's Quest - GameBoy
23) Assassin's Creed - PC
24) Fly in the House - PC
25) Serious Sam 2 - PC
26) Batman Arkham City (with Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC) - PC
27) Power Drift - Dreamcast (via Yu Suzuki Game Works)

28) Sam & Max Hit the Road -PC

Alright, I have a confession to make. I haven't even touched this title prior to playing (and completing) the Telltale Sam & Max games despite wanting to play it for years. The fourth episode of the first season was offered for free on Steam and then after completing it, I purchased the other episodes. Unfortunately, the original wasn't available for download at that time and I found the price for a complete copy to be out of my budget at the time.

With that aside, I can say that playing through this game is not required to enjoy the later entries in the series. I'm going to push my luck, but I also don't think this title is as good as the Telltale titles. Mainly because I don't find it quite as funny as the later entries. The puzzles also didn't click with me as well as its successors, resulting in me consulting GameFAQs numerous times during the duo's escapade. Speaking of FAQs, I found the interface to be a bit awkward at times which made consult the guide to confirm that I was in fact doing to right action.

Now am I saying that I didn't enjoy this game? Absolutely not. I had a great time playing this game despite its occasional disagreement with my personality/logic. The graphics are great, with detailed sprites, fluid animation, lively backgrounds, and cartoony art style. The audio is also praise-worthy with good background music, classic sound effects, and admirable voice-acting. On a presentation level, I find this game to be superior to I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (a Point-and-Click Adventure I played earlier this year) despite being released two years prior.

Gameplay flows at a nice pace when I'm not racking my brain trying to figure out what to do next, and the puzzles provide plenty of laughs. The plot involving yetis, carnival freaks, moles, a country singer, and more, is just as crazy, if not more so than the Telltale Sam & Max games. Clocking in at 5 hours, according to, this game packs a ton of content into a small package. Additionally, there are fun mini-games that come in the form of classic board game parodies like Car Bomb which emulates Battleship. These combined with little Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the game show that LucasArts had as much making Sam & Max: Hit the Road as we did playing it.

All these elements combine to make a landmark Point-and-Click Adventure that everyone who's a fan of or looking to get in to the genre should play. That is assuming you haven't played it already. ;)
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by BoneSnapDeez Wed Dec 30, 2015 10:09 am

Nice to see you posting more, dish. noise is forcing me to play Undertale, I'll hit it up sometime in the new year. I have purchased it and am looking forward to it.

Oh, and as far as desert island games go Survival Kids is probably a better bet that NES Gilligan's Island. :lol:
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by prfsnl_gmr Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:39 am

1. Cut the Rope (3DS)
2. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3)
3. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (XBOX)
4. Jewel Link Chronicles: Mountains of Madness (NDS)
5. Super Mario 3D World (WIIU)
6. Mario Kart 7 (3DS)
7. Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS)
8. Gunman Clive (3DS)
9. Child of Light (WIIU)
10. Gunman Clive 2 (3DS)
11. Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition (WIIU)
12. Shifting World (3DS)
13. VVVVVV (3DS)
14. Mega Man 9 (PS3)
15. Mighty Switch Force 2 (WIIU)
16. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (PS3)
17. Castle Crashers (PS3)
18. Pushmo (3DS)
19. Steamworld Dig (3DS)
20. The Unfinished Swan (PS3)
21. Blaster Master (NES)
22. Samurai Shodown II (NEOGEO/PS2)
23. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (2600)
24. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3)
25. Shining Force II (GEN)
26. Rayman Legends (WIIU)
27. Gorf (ARCADE)
28. Fairune (3DS)
29. Mighty Gunvolt (3DS)
30. Ikachan (3DS)
31. Block Boy! (3DS)
32. Legend of the Dark Witch (3DS)
33. R-Type Delta (PS1)
34. Half-Life (PS2)
35. Soul of Darkness (3DS)
36. Cubit the Hardcore Platforming Robot (3DS)
37. Alien on the Run (3DS)
38. Bit.Trip Presents...Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (WIIU)
39. Hazumi (3DS)
40. Aaru's Awakening (PS3)
41. Teslagrad (PS3)
42. Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess (PS3)
43. Year Walk (WIIU)
44. Xeodrifter (3DS)
45. Ittle Dew (WIIU)
46. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)
47. Costume Quest (PS3)
48. Mutant Mudds Deluxe (3DS)
49. Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice (PS3)
50. Deathsmiles (360)
51. Mario Kart 8 (WIIU)
52. Quell Reflect (3DS)
53. Electronic Super Joy: Groove City (WIIU)
52. Rage of the Gladiator (3DS)
54. Electonic Super Joy (WIIU)
55. Ascent of Kings (WIIU)
56. Little Inferno (WIIU)
57. 50 Pinch Barrage! (3DS)
58. Demon's Souls (PS3)
59. World of Goo HD (iOS)
60. A Dark Room (iOS)

Demon's Souls (PS3) is a simply spectacular game, and it is easily one of my favorite games. The difficulty is extremely overrated, but the fantastic art direction, gameplay, and level design are not. I loved every minute of it, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. (I also can't wait to dive into the NG+ a bit.)

World of Goo HD (iOS) is a puzzle game in which you create suspension bridges and other structures to reach a goal. The game, which originated as a WiiWare title, works wondefully with touch controls, and since it was developed by the people behind Henry Hatsworth and Little Inferno, it just oozes personality. I enjoyed it tremendously, and despite sinking nearly eight hours into it, wish it had even more content.

Finally, A Dark Room (iOS) is one of the most interesting - and addictive - games I have played this year. It starts out as a text adventure, transforms into a resource management game, and concludes as a Rogue-like RPG (complete with ascii graphics!). Although it took me just over three hours to complete the game, I plowed through it in three sittings. The game is well-worth its $0.99 asking price, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique gaming experience.


I beat 60 games this year, and I doubt I will beat any more before midnight tomorrow. I played a lot of really great games this year, and I will be sure to write about the very best ones in the "gmae of the year" thread.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by ExedExes Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:41 am

MrPopo wrote:My favorite on foot mission in that game was the one where you steal the AT-AT. I like that the game just says at that point "go forth and conquer, and have fun blowing everything up".

THAT was cool, and mind blowing at the same time, even if you only get to use it for less than 5 minutes.
Xeogred wrote:The obvious answer is that it's time for the Dreamcast 2.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Xeogred Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:44 pm

1. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4)
2. Demon's Souls* NG+++ (PS3) [PLATINUM]
3. Castlevania (WiiUVC)
4. Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4)
5. Super Castlevania 4* (WiiUVC)
6. Castlevania Rondo of Blood (WiiVC)
7. Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse (WiiUVC)
8. Castlevania Dracula X (WiiUVC)
9. Castlevania Adventure Rebirth (Wii)
10. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (PS4)
11. Castlevania Bloodlines (Gen/Emu)
12. Castlevania Chronicles (PSN)
13. Donkey Kong Country* (WiiUVC)
14. Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance (WiiUVC)
15. Super Ghouls n' Ghosts (WiiUVC)
16. Castlevania Aria of Sorrow* (WiiUVC)
17. Bloodborne NG++ (PS4) [PLATINUM]
18. Sonic & Knuckles* (PS3)
19. Donkey Kong Country 2* (WiiUVC)
20. Sonic the Hedgehog 3* (PS3)
21. Mortal Kombat X (PS4)
22. Donkey Kong Country 3* (WiiUVC)
23. Sonic the Hedgehog 2* (PS3)
24. Sonic the Hedgehog* (PS3)
25. Ratchet & Clank Crack in Time* (PS3) [PLATINUM]
26. Dark Souls 2* NG++ (PS4) [PLATINUM]
27. Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus (PS3) [PLATINUM]
28. Jak & Daxter Precursor Legacy HD (PS3) [PLATINUM]
29. Infamous 2 (PS3)
30. DuckTales Remastered (WiiU)
31. Yakuza 3 (PS3)
32. Borderlands 2 (PC)
33. Suikoden* (PSX)
34. Suikoden 2* (PSX)
35. Suikoden 3 (PS2)
36. Resident Evil Dead Aim (PS2)
37. Silent Hill 3* (PS2)
38. Silent Hill 2* (PS2)
39. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)
40. Metal Gear (PS3)
41. Metal Gear Solid* (PSX)
42. Metal Gear 2 (LP)
43. Outlast (PC)
44. Amnesia A Machine for Pigs (PC)
45. Thief (2014) (PC)
46. Dishonored* (PC)
47. Doom 64* EX (PC)
48. Sonic CD* (PS3)
49. Fallout 4 (PS4) [PLATINUM]
50. The Lost Vikings* (Genesis)
51. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (PS4)
52. Rayman Legends (WiiU)
53. Blaster Master* (WiiUVC)

Lots of history with Blaster Master and still one of my all time favorites. I'm a massive Metroid series fan, but when we're just talking NES titles here, I think Blaster Master beats Metroid to its own game in most ways. Blaster Master came out two years later though, so it probably took tons of cues from Metroid.

The downside is of course as anyone who's played it would know, it does not have a save or password system, and it's a little longer than your normal sidescroller.

The final wall/ceiling upgrade your tank gets, complicates the platforming to extreme levels as well and has always bugged me a little. I wish you could have turned your powerups on and off. That still wouldn't change much though, I find it to be literally hilarious how insane the difficulty spike ignites around stage 6 and up. The problem is how critical dying is in this game (not having infinite lives being an issue itself), whenever you die you lose all your tank/gun ammo and powerups. And the final level is an ongoing death trap that would not be easy in the least to backtrack to try and stock on items. You have to really be ready and calculate your attack...

Many older games have had depictions of hellish environments, or perhaps Hell itself, but nothing will ever surpass how evil stage 8 is in this game. The level design logic the rest of the game had is thrown out the window, it's beyond sadistic. But I've always loved that about it!

Thankfully to an extent, the final bosses are not too hard and yes, I tend to use the wall sticking tricks with the final boss... after that insane last level, I'm throwing out the rules myself! On the other hand, stage 7's Frog 2.0 boss has always been the hardest to me. It's best to stick to the top and try to lay down bombs on him when you can, but his ridiculously long and complex pattern is what makes it really hard. The other bosses can get into their predictable routes, but this Frog is insane and hard to follow. It's always kind of the make or break moment.

To be honest, I think I've only beaten this game ~3 times or so and only once legit (without save states, and I used Wii U save states this time).

Definitely can't recommend it enough. It's a beautiful game with one of the best NES soundtracks, really pushes the NES to the limits, and jut a marvel. I can't fathom how tough it would be for a newcomer haha. I can only wonder how I was able to discover some of the paths to some of the later stages, how on Earth did I figure that out? Just being a hardcore 90's gamer I guess. 20 years later and now whenever I play it, I never forget where to go and have the whole game mapped out. But it does get foggy with level 7-8.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Fragems Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:59 pm

1. Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition(PS4)(Good)
2. Infamous First Light(PS4)(Good)
3. Drakengard 3(PS3) *Endings 1-4. Ending 5 I watched online due to BS boss.(Good except for the boss of the final alternate branch ending who can go burn in a firey hell :lol: )
4. Infamous Second Son(PS4)(Good)
5. Thomas Was Alone(PS4)(Great)
6. Uncharted Drake's Fortune(PS3) *(Good)
7. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves(PS3) *(Great)
8. Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception(PS3) **(Good)
9. Deadpool(PS3)(Great)
10. Red Dead Redemption(360)(Good)
11. Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare(360)(Okay)
12. The Walking Dead Survival Instinct(360)(Shit)
13. Fuse(360)(Okay)
14. The Bureau Xcom Declassified(360)(Okay)
15. Asura's Wrath(360)(Great)
16. Beneath a Steel Sky(PC)(Good)
17. Soul Gambler(PC)(Okay)
19. Harvester(PC)(Good, but disturbing)
20. Coma: Mortuary(PC)(Shit)
21. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure(PC)(Good)
22. Freedom Planet(PC)(Great)
23. Tropico 3 Steam Special Edition(PC)(Great)
24. Far Cry 4(PS3)(Okay kinda meh)
25. Shellshock 2 Blood Trails(360)(Shit)
26. Grand Theft Auto V(PC)(Great)
27. Shadow of Mordor(PS4)(Great)
28. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare(PS4)(Okay)
29. Fallout 3(PC)- Great
30. Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage(DLC)(PC)- Crap
31. Fallout 3: Broken Steel(DLC)(PC)- Okay
32. Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta(DLC)(PC)- Buggy Crap
33. Fallout 3: Point Lookout(DLC)(PC)- Great
34. Dying Light(Xbox One)- Great
35. Sunset Overdrive(Xbox One)- Great
36. Murdered Soul Suspect(Xbox One)- Okay
37. Ryse Son of Rome(Xbox One)- Great
38. Halo Anniversary Edition(Xbox One Master Chief Collection)- Good
39. Halo 2 Anniversary(Xbox One Master Chief Collection)- Okay
40. Halo 3(Xbox One Master Chief Collection)- Great
41. Halo 4(Xbox One Master Chief Collection)- Great
42. A Story About My Uncle(PC)- Okay
43. Valiant Hearts(XB1 GWG)- Great
44. Halo 5 (XB1)- (SP) Okay (MP) Seems good need more time to be sure though.
45. The Wolf Among Us(XB1) Great
46. Battlefield Hardline (PC) Okay
47. Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues (PC) Okay

Battlefield Hardline

Probably the weakest BF SP to come out so far had some interesting moments, but the plot was all over the place. There also wasn't much of an ethical side to the story either since the only difference between being a good cop and arresting everyone or a bad cop and killing everyone was a minor difference in exp meaning slower unlocks. I actually liked some of the new game modes in MP but quickly found out that camping and c4 spamming were pretty excessive in modes like hot wire which took some of the fun out of it.

Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues
This DLC is hard as hell when you first get into it but once you realize that the proton melee weapons are insanely over powered things get alot easier. I would suggest holding off on playing it till you finish the main story line in NV though since some of the perks are game breaking as well as the super OP melee weapons. As far as the story goes for the DLC it isn't all that amazing and while the map features quite a bit to explore a lot of it feels empty and meaningless.
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Re: Games Beaten 2015

by Sarge Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:57 pm

1) Rollergames
2) Bayou Billy
3) Whomp 'Em
4) Love+ (repeat, B-)
5) Love+ (repeat, B)
6) Zen: Intergalactic Ninja
7) Battletoads & Double Dragon
8 ) Battletoads (repeat, first time with Game Genie, this time using save states, nowhere near legit win... but it was "beaten")
9) Battletoads (repeat, legit, no Game Genie, no continues, no save states!)
10) Rockin' Kats
11) The Little Mermaid
12) Tiny Toons Adventures
13) Tiny Toons Adventures 2
14) Code Name: Viper
15) Bayou Billy (completely legit!)
16) King of Dragons (on Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded)
17) Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom
18) Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
19) Ninja Ryuukenden III
20) Treasure of the Rudras
21) TMNT: Tournament Fighters (SNES) (repeat)
21) Ninja Gaiden III (SNES)
22) Ninja Gaiden (SNES)
23) Wrath of the Black Manta
24) TMNT (NES) (save states)
25) TMNT (NES) (legit)
26) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES)

27) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (repeat)
28) The Krion Conquest
29) Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu
30) Yume Penguin Monogatari
31) Street Fighter 2010 (save states / rewind)
32) Street Fighter 2010 (repeat, legit run)
33) Conquest of the Crystal Palace
34) Aladdin
35) Trojan (save states)
36) Trojan (legit run)
37) The Last Remnant
38) Remember Me
39) Bloodrayne Betrayal
40) Rex Rocket

41) Fester's Quest (non-legit)
42) Fester's Quest (legit)
43) Justice League Task Force
44) Monument Valley: The Forgotten Shores
45) Gunman Clive 2
46) Freedom Planet (Lilac, 84 lives lost)
47) Freedom Planet (Carol, 43 lives lost)
48) Link's Awakening DX

Previous undated:
49) Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (almost all optional stuff done, all stars)
50) Donkey Kong Country 2
51) Picross DS
52) Shadow of the Ninja
53) Shatterhand
54) Super Smash Bros. (Kirby)
55) Pillars of Eternity (65-ish hours, Monk)
56) Majora's Mask (all masks)
57) One Must Fall 2097
58) Contra (not a great run, but no continues or code)
59) Doom
60) Bayonetta 2
61) The Fall
62) MvC2 (Hulk, Cyclops, and Gambit, if memory serves)
63) Child of Light
64) TMNT: Danger of the Ooze
65) Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (forgot to plug this one in)
66) Dragon Quest III (SFC)
67) Transistor
68) Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (repeat)
69) King of Demons (bad ending)
70) King of Demons (good ending, no-death run)
71) King of Demons (good ending, hard)
72) Life of Pixel (100%)
73) Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (100%)
74) 8-Bit Commando
75) Freedom Fall
76) Shadow and Ash
77) Sorcery!
78) Super Cyborg (argh, this was hard!)
79) Job the Leprechaun
80) Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
81) Odallus
82) Samurai Pizza Cats
83) Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti
84) Time Diver: Eon Man
85) Chrono Trigger (repeat)
86) Super Castlevania IV (repeat)
87) Psycho Dream
88) GS Mikami: Joreishi Wa Nice Body
89) Wario Land (VB) (how did I miss listing this one?)
90) Shadow Force
91) Cosmo Police - Galivan
92) Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC
93) Momodora II
94) Momodora
95) Strikers 1945 Plus
96) Double Dragon (Neo Geo)
97) Guardian
98) Solar Striker
99) Battle Unit Zeoth

100) Metal Slug 5 (via Metal Slug Anthology on Wii)
101) Metal Slug X (via Steam on PC)
102) Street Fighter X Tekken (Vita, Hardest, Ken/Ryu)
103) Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (3DS, Medium, Ken)

So, I'm shocked at how well SSFIV plays on 3DS. It's plenty smooth, and looks pretty good outside of the requisite resolution downgrade. Only set me back $4, so I'm not complaining. Certainly a nice way to play SSFIV on the go, even if it doesn't have the content of Ultra SFIV.

Played on Medium because I couldn't be bothered to be overly challenged like with SFxT. Not that it was that hard, but I just didn't feel like fighting the end boss more than five times before getting it down. :P

By my count, I'm up to 95 unique titles finished this year. Not sure I'll make 100, I'm way too distracted with more pickups from my local closeout store. I added Assassin's Creed Liberation, Lumines, Tearaway, and Dungeon Hunter Alliance to the pile, along with a bunch of other stuff for other systems. Really, it's quite ridiculous how much stuff I have to play now. And I added Tales of Hearts R to the mix. :P
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