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Re: Share some of your best gaming screen shots

by SpaceBooger Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:54 pm

Segata wrote:Joe Mad is great. Wish he was working on Darksiders III. What is DSIII looks like a lame impersonation of his art like WoW. Also people keep saying Garrison looks like Guts but to me looks almost exactly like Garra from Bastard.

I wish Joe Mad would have finished the Battle Chasers comic. I had it on my pull list and remember waiting 4 months between issues. I want to buy this games but am afraid this will suddenly end after a cliffhanger like the comic did.
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Re: Share some of your best gaming screen shots

by samsonlonghair Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:30 am

Xeogred wrote:Damn dude.. spoilers?!?

Spoiler Alert!
Nintendo recycles old ideas and cashes in on your nostalgia! :lol:

I'm just giving you a hard time, Xeo. You're a good guy. :D Also, I willingly buy into Nintendo's nostalgia cash grabs all the time. So, who am I to judge? :wink:
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