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Re: Video Game Console Chronology - Magnavox Odyssey to DSi XL

by Lord_Santa Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:15 pm

CRTGAMER wrote:I feel the C64 is the most neglected "game console", some don't realize all the cart games available.

the only C64 I'd include in a list of consoles would be the GS

as others have mentioned there are plenty of other computers out there like the C-64 (Atari, Spectrum, etc.)

nothing against your list, but I'd say that you should exclude computers, since if you are including all the computers from the 70's-90's, then you might as well add all PC's (286/386/486, etc., etc., etc.)

it's an interesting list for sure and I'll salute you even if you get half of the systems; but try to keep it more focused on consoles if you're ever to make it somewhat complete


and the GBA-SP also plays GB games, btw =)
C-64 will never die
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