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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by dsheinem Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:54 pm

The First 50: January-June
Adventure - Atari 2600
Gunhed - PCE
Limbo - 360
Crimzon Clover - PC
Army of Darkness Defense- iPhone
Psycho Soldier - PSP
Shank - PS3
Jamestown - PC
MUSHA - Genesis
Dragon Age II: Legacy - PS3
Kingdom Grand Prix - Arcade (MAME)
Blade Buster - NES
Alien vs. Predator - Arcade (MAME)
Metamorphic Force - Arcade (MAME)
Jetpack Joyride- iPhone
Medal of Honor - PS3
Dimahoo - Arcade (MAME)
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Arcade (MAME)
Gears of War 3 - 360
Dementium: The Ward - NDS
Brutal Sports Football - - Atari Jaguar
Splatterhouse - PCE
Resistance 3 - PS3
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - PS3
Battlefield 3 - PS3
Espgaluda II: Black Label (BL mode) - 360
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PS3
Knights of the Round - Arcade (MAME)
Sonic the Hedgehog - Genesis
Shining Force - Genesis
Muchi Muchi Pork - 360
Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin - PS3
Shienryu Explosion - PS2
Little Big Planet 2 - PS3 *new*
Pink Sweets - 360 *new*

2011 TOTAL: 85

2010 Games Beaten

LBP2 is as cute and charming as can be, but as a game it generally felt poorer than LBP1 or the excellent PSP LBP game (which is still my favorite in the series). That said, the last 2 worlds of LBP2 are really great stuff and probably outclassed anything in any previous LBP game...but the other 2/3 of the game just feels like a long tutorial leading up to those stages. I actually picked this up on release a long time ago but had abandoned the main game to play a lot of the excellent user made content...much of which is superior the majority of levels found in story mode.

Pink Sweets. Yeah. This one will go on that list of games that I'll probably never beat in 4 credits (my typical goal for most shmups is to beat them for a $1 since 1ccs are generally beyond me). It is beautiful, it has amazing design, and it is a hell of a lot of fun - and the first 4 levels are all pretty reasonable in terms of difficulty. Stages 5 (the trains) and 6 (shit coming from all over the screen) are just insane, though, and well beyond my skill. I know it shares a heritage with two of my favorite titles (Battle Garegga and Ibara), but it isn't near as good as either of those, IMO.
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by jfe2 Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:10 am

Click Here to See the First 50 Games of the Year

Games Finished 2011

    Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony - PC
    Dead Nation - PS3
    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - iPhone
    Outland - 360
    The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile - XBLA
    Dragon Age II - 360
    Fallout: New Vegas (including Dead Money, Honest Hearts, and Old World Blues DLC) - 360
    inFamous - PS3
    Killzone 2 - PS3
    Killzone: Liberation - PSP
    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS3
    Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3
    Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley - XBLA
    Deathspank - XBLA *new*
    Bastion - XBLA *new*
    Costume Quest - XBLA *new*
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 360 *new*
    Batman: Arkham City - 360 *new*

Total: 67

Haven't update in forever. I haven't been playing much of anything lately, except for Gears of War III multiplayer and Skyrim when I get any free time.
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by REPO Man Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:26 pm

Saint's Row 2 - PC via OnLive.

The PC version is buggy, and the driving controls suck. I keep crashing into shit, and my aim sucks. And what's with the ragdoll physics for falling?

But I haven't gotten to 100%, since I mostly blew off the activities and diversions. And I used a cheat to clear the weather on the final mission. The only other way to clear the story skies is to restart the mission, and that means chasing Vogel's limo and blowing it up with the rocket launcher, which I kept failing. Oh, and I turned on the falling pedestrians for shits and giggles.

I'm counting it as beaten, but not completed.

Yeah, I never put a focus on beating games so much as just playing them this year.
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by noiseredux Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:28 pm

some of you guys are amazing... 60+ games beaten, 80+ games beaten, etc. I'm still quite please with my list though. I mean, I'm at 37 right now. It's doubtful I'll beat anymore in the next week or so. But still, that's 20 more than last year!
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by ExedExes Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:27 pm

Let me add my newest accomplishment to this year, just completed!

Typing of The Dead (Dreamcast) -- Obtained all 30 coins in Original Mode, unlocking nearly everything the game has (the 30 coin prize is the use of the Golden Hands at ANYTIME!)
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by MrHealthy Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:48 pm

Games in italics have been beaten in previous years.
Games that have an underlined x followed by a number shows the number of times I have beaten them this year. (example: x3)

First 53 games of 2011

    *New*Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 3: Citizen Brown (PSN)

    *New*Mercury Hg (PSN)

    *New*Kane and Lynch: Dead Men (PC Download)

    *New*Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 4: Double Visions (PSN)

    *New*Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 5: Outtatime (PSN)

    *New*Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)

Total: 59

What am I playing now?
Just got Sonic Generations. Also started Psychonauts, and have been slowly making my way through Fallout: New Vegas. Otherwise I've just been playing steam games for achievements in the holiday sale.

2010 Games
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final fight cd
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by final fight cd Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:35 pm

castle of illusion - sega
disney's aladdin - sega
the lion king - sega
mickey mania: the timeless adventure of mickey mouse - sega
mickey mania: the timeless adventure of mickey mouse - sega cd
disney's the jungle book - sega
dungeon explorer - sega cd
phelios - sega
doom - 32x
kolibri - 32x
mega turrican - sega
bc racers - sega cd
bloodlines x2 - sega
3 ninjas - sega cd
die hard arcade - saturn
final fight cd - sega cd
quackshot - sega
hyperstone heist - sega
streets of rage 2 - sega
twin gadgets x2- sega
gex - saturn
mario 3 - snes via mario all stars
mario - snes via mario all stars
double dragon - sega
sonic cd - sega cd
robo aleste - sega cd
snatcher - sega cd
mercs - sega
sonic - sega
symphony of the night - ps1
altered beast - sega
insector-x - sega
thunder force III - genesis
lightening force - genesis
gaiares - genesis
sol-feace - sega cd
steel empire - genesis
astal - saturn
powerslave - saturn

99% certain this is my last game beaten for 2011. powerslave is your typical 90s FPS. it is somewhat metroid-esque, in that you acquire power ups - such as sandals that allow you to jump higher - and this new power up allows you access to other levels of the game. this system definitely separates it from other FPS shooters of that time, such as doom, quake, duke nukem, etc. overall, it was an enjoyable game.

summary of the past year:

games beat: 39

game of the year: snatcher - the game definitely lived up to its hype and is so bad ass. i might try to play through it again before the year is up.

worst game of the year: insector-x - the game really isn't shitty, but it definitely is a blah shmup. also, BC racers ranks up ther with insector-x. while it isn't awful, it just isn't great
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by Gamerforlife Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:21 am

Shank - PS 3

Never finished this one on the 360. It's a fun 2D beat'em up, not up there with Castle Crashers and The Dishwasher Vampire Smile though. However, I've seen footage of Shank 2 and it looks pretty damn impressive
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by MrHealthy Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:48 pm

Can I ask why you always put it as PS 3 instead of PS3? I just find it odd as no one else adds in the space.
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Re: Games Beaten : 2011

by Flake Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:53 pm

Shit, time is running out. Glad the weather is crappy for the near future - I have got to finish more of these games.
The PSTV is amazing.
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