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Re: best 6 button super famicom controller?

by Hobie-wan Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:32 am

That doesn't help Gritty Kitty with a SNES/SFami though. :P
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Re: best 6 button super famicom controller?

by Betagam7 Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:12 pm

Breetai wrote:
Betagam7 wrote:Tell him to hit 'Hard-off' for some good bargains. Depending which one he goes too you're likely to find SNES controllers and arcade sticks falling out of their ears. Most are in the "junk" section but that only often means they havn't bothered testing them. I picked up several perfectly good controllers for pennies from their branch in Totorri.

Which is NOWHERE near major cities like Tokyo or Osaka. It's a few hours NW of Kyoto. Not really a spot for many foreign tourists to go. It is true that pretty much any Hard-Off will have plenty of SFC controllers, but it is NOT likely that there will be 6-button fighting pads "falling out of their ears". More likely there will be the original controllers, MAYBE an arcade stick or two, and a 3rd party pad or two.

Umm...oh well...I went to Totorri as a foreign tourist...they have like...sand dunes and stuff :)

Seriously, I spent a couple of days there on a three week vacation and no it isn't recommended as the dunes are very blowy, nobody speaks English and there is nothing to do...but the Hard Off there is incredible and made those two days worthwhile for me at least. They had crates and crates of SNES pads from the ordinary Super Famicom controllers to obscure Satellaview horse racing sim versions. They had plenty of arcade sticks too at quite ridiculous prices for SNES, Saturn etc that I probably could have sold at a 300% markup if I'd had the luggage room.

But yes, Tottori isn't somwhere that great to visit but who knows if he'll be in the vicinity.
Maybe the other Hard-offs arn't so great and I got lucky but my best hauls in Japan came from this store and not overpriced places like Super Potato (although they are good in an HMV sense of nearly always having what you want but knowing it with their prices).
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Re: best 6 button super famicom controller?

by D.D.D. Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:06 am

I just realized the flaw in the post's title... all Super Famicom controllers are 6 button controllers. :lol:
But I get what he meant ;)
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