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Re: An Interesting E-Mail I Got From Square Enix...

by AmishSamurai Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:20 pm

News blip from Bitmob:

Square Enix apologizes for Final Fantasy 14's lack of "enjoyability," which has led the publisher to delay the PS3 version indefinitely. In addition, Hiromichi Tanaka stepped down as lead producer. This all comes in a post from Yoichi Wada, Square- president and CEO. The PS3 version was due out in March. "I would like to apologize for our inability to fully satisfy our users with the initial release of Final Fantasy 14. I take full responsibility for the game's current situation, and have therefore made the decision to step down from my role as producer," wrote Tanaka. Tanaka may be taking full responsibility, but it is rare that producers want to rush a game out to retail before it is finished -- those directives usually come from presidents or CEOs.
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Re: An Interesting E-Mail I Got From Square Enix...

by Xtincthed Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:14 am

i was a huge WOW addict for 3 years and when a new MMORPG it always spikes my interest.. FF XIV didn't bother me at all, which said enough for me (and i love FF)
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