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Re: Inafune quits Capcom

by the7k Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:10 pm

Ack wrote:If anything, perhaps we ought to thank him for giving two series the axe, because many of us claim to be tired of seeing the same series be milked over and over again. While we may not care for the games he was making, at least he was developing some new series while also focusing on the old, and cutting some older series that we'd admittedly ultimately end up complaining about being the same old thing just rehashed, just like how we do currently with Resident Evil, Mega Man, and Street Fighter.

I'd much rather be seeing another Onimusha or Breath of Fire (Even if it ends up being like BOF5 or Onimusha 3) than seeing obvious attempts at remaking popular Western games with none of the unique flavor that you used to get from a Capcom game.

I mean, hell, I gotta hand it to Platinum Games. Vanquish is quite obviously an attempt to cater to the Gears of War/Halo playing Western public - yet despite that, there are plenty of touches that say "Yes, this is a Platinum game." I never got that with Lost Planet 2. You can't just let me change my title to "Captain Commando", let me play as Frank West and then call it a day.

Capcom saw the money generated by games like Modern Warfare 2 and Halo: Reach and thought that that was the only way to go. I guess they somehow overlooked Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Pokemon.
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Re: Inafune quits Capcom

by flamepanther Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:28 pm

On the other hand, he hasn't tried to Westernize the Rockman games (the PSP remake of Rockman arguably made it even more Japanese!), and has stated that the "Mega Man" name doesn't sound very good. I don't think Inafking has ever been hellbent on remaking everything in our image like some seem to be suggesting.
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