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Re: I haven't shopped at gamestop in one month!

by pepharytheworm Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:26 pm

the7k wrote:Weird. Maybe they just like me. I've even been to GameStops in places I was just visiting (again, before I was even a GameStop employee) and walked out with free stuff. All I do is ask "Is there any pre-order bonuses you guys need to get rid of?"

I wouldn't have given you anything when I was a Manager. Gamestop's employee handbook states that we can not just give out Pre-order bonuses, Pennied out skus, or old advertisements. The reason why is it can be seen as bribery and if one store does it for one customer others expect it. You are a prime example of expecting stuff from any Gamestop. You did read your handbook right?

On a side note my DM told us to give away whatever we could to get reserves, replacement plans, and edge cards. I told him If I could get that in writing I would gladly comply. He said he wouldn't and I better do it, I pointed out the store policy and asked was there a change. After that he dropped it. I always protect myself first, if LP found out what my store was doing do you think my DM would cover for me? He never covered before when he gave orders other than what the RM wanted.
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Re: I haven't shopped at gamestop in one month!

by the7k Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:39 am

I don't 'expect' stuff from GameStop, but I sure as shoot ask. And really, from the way it was handled in all the stores I've been in, I thought it was simply "First come, first served."

Hell, I remember a kid wanting one of the promo posters for HeartGold/SoulSilver - asked the manager if he could have it when they were going to throw it away, and the manager even put some duck tape on the back with the kids name on it, so that they could save it for him. I'm positive even the DM knew about this.

The only thing that was enforced was pennied-out strategy guides and other merch - those had to end up in the trash. Everything else, though, was fair game to anyone that wanted it.
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