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Nintendo / Samurai Warriors 3 event in NYC on 9/23

by okonomiyaki Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:03 am

Hey, Racketboyers. I wasn't really sure where to post this and I figured that the General area was good enough.

I'm spreading the word about a Nintendo-sponsored event that's taking place in NYC this week.

I'm part of a small event-marketing group called NewYork-Tokyo. We put on a semi-weekly 'Game Night' event series with playable, recently released games for Wii, PS3 or '360 along with an Asahi-sponsored happy hour.

We have a special event this coming Thursday (9/23) that's sponsored by Nintendo, promoting Samurai Warriors 3. We'll have a few Wii systems setup and DJs playing throughout the evening. I'm not sure how "loudly" Nintendo is promoting this event, but I'm trying to spread the word. One point of noting is that it's a 21+ event, since it's taking place at a bar.

The details:

9/23, 7-11pm @ Fat Buddha (formerly Forbidden City) on Ave A @ 13th st.

More about the event: ... 3-preview/

PM me if anyone has any questions. Would love to see a bunch of heads show up!
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