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Re: My thoughts on next generation gaming

by Jrecee Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:37 pm

Flake wrote:
Lord_Santa wrote:I'd love to see someone take on the consoles, by creating a strict 2D console

shouldn't be too much of an effort, if you ask me

and it'd be hell of a lot cheaper than anything Microsoft or Sony throws at us

one can always dream, no?

I would be first in line to buy three of 'em. The anti-2D mentality of the 32-bit era has really come back to bite game design companies in the ass. They insisted to gamers that 3D was the only way to they are stuck in a graphics war.

Meanwhile, I still just want to play Secret of Mana.

I think 2D is actually having a resurgance. Unfortunately a lot of it is limited to downloadable only stuff.
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