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Re: 15 Games the Critics got Wrong

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:16 am
by Reprise
Pulsar_t wrote:
Reprise wrote:Mine =

1. D2 [Dreamcast] (gamespot score 6.5; my score 7.5)
2. Shining Wisdom [Saturn] (gamespot score 6.6; my score 7.5)
3. Eternal Champions [Megadrive/Genesis] (gamespot score 6.6; my score 7.5)
4. Light Crusader [Megadrive/Genesis] (gamespot score 6.6; my score 8 )
5. Ultimate Fighting Championship [Dreamcast] (gamespot score 8.8; my score 6.5)
6. Sword of the Berserk [Dreamcast] (gamespot score 7.4; my score 8 )
7. Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern [Dreamcast] (gamespot score 5.1; my score 6.5)

Ahh I give up, I can't think of any more sorry.

You do realise Gamespot were always biased against the Dreamcast?

I was taking the 'meta' score from gamespot, not the actual review scores given by gamespot. Sorry I should have made that clear. I would use metacritic, but they don't have a whole bunch of games listed.

Limewater wrote:I'm kind of surprised how many people are posting a game that they think the critics got wrong, and then give their own score and it's only 10% more than the metacritic score. If you're that close, you're probably within a standard deviation of the score distribution.

As for this argument, I agree to be honest. But I really cannot think of any games that critics universally shat on, but I loved. Nor can I really think of any games that were almost universally loved by critics, but I hated. Maybe if I think or look harder I'll find something though.

Re: 15 Games the Critics got Wrong

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:11 pm
by weasels
AppleQueso wrote:
weasels wrote:5. seriously they gave the gba version before it an 8! and besides looks, there wasn't much different to the port! why so low then?

Because gamespot employs more than one reviewer.

yeah i realize this..but still i hate their inconsistency! at least give the assignment to the person who did the last review...and if they are gone, then give it to someone who actually takes interest into the type of game. i have a feeling the reviewer does not like tactics games or card type hybrids.

Re: 15 Games the Critics got Wrong

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:37 pm
by Reprise
Thought of another one...

XIII [Gamecube] (gamespot meta score 6.4; my score 8 )