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Re: Ever feel you've got worse at games?

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:46 pm
by Para
The only games that I am noticeably worse at are:

Starcraft - I used to be fairly good at this game. Not amazing, but I could hold my own online and I played it for the first time in years a while ago and I am pretty bad at it now. I mainly blame the super Koreans who are constantly getting better at the game but still.

Super Mario Kart - When I was younger I could beat every circuit on 150cc but going back to this game now, I can't beat the Special Circuit anymore. :(

Counter Strike - Same thing as Starcraft. I used to be very good at this game but now I am substantially worse.

Granted if you stop doing something for years you will naturally get worse at it, so I am not too surprised but it still kind of sucks.

Re: Ever feel you've got worse at games?

Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:53 am
by Erik_Twice
From the top of my head:

Pump it up:
Ah, I used to beat Moonlight no bar and could play up to some 18s as well but nowadays I doubt I could pass anything higher than 15 and I will slip if I try playing on two pads. Man, I get tired even after playing 14s, that's not good.

The reason is I used to play every weekend with a friend of mine. Lately we have been doing other things so I got a lot worse.

Team Fortress 2:
Lack of competitive games have reduced my Soldier skills and I can't quickscope as often as I did before. I'm better in most aspects that I was before but I miss those skills.

Beatmania IIDX:
Oh, man this one really hurts. I made it to the easy 11s (Out of 12) and now my hands get tired when I reach the 9s. I will take a somewhat long time to recover given how big the 10s are.

I also got a lot worse in a handful of arcade games like OutRun 2SP (Used to beat it without any effort, now can't) or Robotron.