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Re: Worst game you own?

by Jrecee Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:47 pm

At least Ballz 3D was better than Nutsack Slapfight.
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Re: Worst game you own?

by dischord76 Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:48 am

besides the assortment of some pretty bad sports games I own for snes/gen I would have to say the funniest bad game I own would be buck bumble for n64. Lester the unlikely i s also up there (snes)
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Re: Worst game you own?

by Ack Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:14 am

Jrecee wrote:At least Ballz 3D was better than Nutsack Slapfight.

You mean Street Combat?

Yeah, I suppose it was.
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Re: Worst game you own?

by kamiboy Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:42 pm

Worst game I have owned, well in the folly of my youth I decided to purchase that colossal abomination called the xbox and the most favoured game for that wretched platform, Halo: Wombat, something or the other.

While that deformed hunchback PC hiding inside a 1970's VRC of a case, trying to pass itself off as a console, eventually redeemed its purchase with the trio of only worthwhile titles for it, Panzer Dragoon Orta, GunValkyrie and Jet Grind Radio Future, the same cannot be said for that horrid game I bought with the system.

At first glance that Wombat shooter was just a watered down bland FPS, something that would have easily vanished amid a sea of uninspired clones on the PC, so I just merely brushed the wasted few hours and resources I had thrown at it aside with a scoff and though little more of it.

However in hindsight that title was the trojan horse that vanguard the FPS apocalypse that consoles currently suffer under, so I suppose it was in terms of devastating impact more destructive than a little 80's gem called E.T. The Extraterrestrial for the Atari. At least E.T. was responsible for Nintendo's subsequent success with the NES which began the golden age of console games. But that wombat cloud had no silver living, no sirs indeed.

I got rid of that blemish on my collection of great titles a few years later, alas it definitely was the absolute worst title to have ever been purchased by me. And even more so when weighing in its historical significance as a prime source for a decade in the making videogame decadence.
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Re: Worst game you own?

by Para Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:19 am

Probably Doomsday Warrior for the SNES.
This game is absolute crap. I used to own it but I gave it to my cousin because it was so bad. This is literally the only game I have ever gotten rid of. I have never sold or donated my games to anyone or anything before or since then, but I had this game four about a month and got rid o it right away. I find it funny out of the 700ish games I own, it was the only one to ever leave my collection.

To be fair I do own worse games but I felt obligated to get rid of this one when I was younger for some reason. Maybe because I got it brand new as a gift and still felt incredibly ripped off, and most of the other shitty games I have were acquired years after they were released for a few dollars.

Fairytale Fights
I also bought this game for 60+ dollars when it was brand new. I saw a segment about it on Electric Playground and it seemed really cool. They talked highly of it on the show and it is four player co-op so I went out and bought it immediately.
It was quite the rude awakening when I popped it in and realized how shitty this game is. Not only is the game bad and incredibly repetitive, but it is really glitchy and flawed.

The game designers put an unnecessary emphasis on how cool the weapon combat in the game is supposed to be. Considering you can cut off limbs from any angle and you can break bones and all that good stuff it seemed really promising, but in reality the combat is also boring and repetitive.

For some reason there are weapons everywhere throughout the game, which sounds cool in theory but it really takes away from how cool they are. Just think about what Grand Theft Auto would be like if every 20 steps you took there was a box with seven assault rifles inside. Cool for the first few minutes but then you realize the game is over saturated with weapons and nothing is a remote threat to you.

When you first get a gun or an axe it is pretty cool for a few minutes but then you open four chests and 15 axes fly out it makes you realize that the weapon system in the game is totally retarded. You can't even keep the weapons from level to level or upgrade them or anything along those lines. You simply pick up one of the hundreds of weapons in the level and you don't even have to use them sparingly because everyone and everything has a weapon. Camera angles are a serious problem too. Also the controls are terrible. I didn't think it was possible to screw up something as simple as the controls for a hack and slash game but they managed to do it.

This game had so much potential with four player co-op, a variety of neat weapons and a cool physics system but they really shit the bed and the end result isn't even worth renting for a few dollars.

Within a few weeks after my purchase I see the price dropped drastically to less than 20 dollars for the game. Even if I paid 20 bucks I would still be pissed. I don't blame Electric Playground for my bad purchase or anything I just blame Playlogic for making a shitty game.
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Re: Worst game you own?

by DJSakuraba Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:36 pm

Most likely either Superman for the N64, or Facebreaker for the PS3.
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Re: Worst game you own?

by jeffesaurusrex Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:15 pm

Jmenglan wrote:Fighting Force for the Playstation, ugh that game is trash...and I own three copies of it. First copy was a gift, second one came in that package with Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, and the third was shipped to me by accident and the seller would not take it back, haha

Whaaat?? I loved that game as a kid! I liked Jurassic Park too, the Genesis version is even better than the SNES one if I remember correctly.

As for my worst, I have a lot of sports games for the SNES and I'm sure one of them is the worst, but if we don't count sports I'd say Smuggler's Run for PS2. I hate that game.
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Re: Worst game you own?

by darthmunky Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:01 pm

NHL Stanley Cup (SNES)
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