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Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:27 pm
MrPopo wrote:
CRTGAMER wrote:The Good?
Maybe not a bad thing after all? Perhaps going the exclusive Gamestop route ensured a U.S. release?
I don't see how you came to that conclusion from the things you posted. Nintendo had no plans prior to the Europe launch, Europe launch goes well, now they have plans.

Agree based on how a game sales in a Region. Also any tool that is available to determine a release, a corporation will use including that Fan site. I don't like a store getting the exclusive but in this case maybe the edge to get the game here. Zelda already has the genre covered, perhaps other retailers would have been shy to carry Xenoblade Chronicles?

Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:28 pm
by vlame
it's ok guys. it is available at

Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:37 pm
by Zing
Xenoblade "a few months" before the Wii U? Yeah, right. If we see the Wii U anytime before November… well, let's just say, we won't be seeing it anytime before November.

Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:40 pm
or the Ravings of an OCD Collector.

Wall of Rant - Oh drink the Coffee and read it.

noiseredux wrote:
CRTGAMER wrote:Gamestop can ship one to your local store
Maybe use the Website link I posted and try different Zip code searches. Then take the info to your local Gamestop, they have to make the phone call. Gamestop will lose money in the shipping, but they usually will ship if a customer asks. Also helps if you have good rapport with the employees locally.
This isn't a sure-thing unfortunately. It really depends on the employee. I've had GS employees OFFER to order things from other stores for me. I've had other ones flat out tell me that there's no way to even do that. So...

Noise really hit the nail on the head with this statement. There are good employees and bad employees. This started around a month or so ago, I'm leaving the name of the game out to keep the focus of the Topic. I'll post the game in the Video Game Finds later.

Rare Game
I have been trying to find an obscure game for an older console that no Gamestop had within a hundred miles. Just to give in idea, in my local Districts alone there are about fifty Gamestops. Spread this out to the online 100 mile search radius and that is a lot of Gamestops, but none had a copy.

CRTGAMER wrote:You get better results with employee help when the store is not busy. Even better, go in the morning on a weekday when the store is empty. This is important in both the store you visit and any that gets a phone call that might be in a different time zone. :idea:

Okay I set the stage and yes, it would be easier to just go online and buy from PayBay, but Gamestop has the best prices for used games. I was not keen on making another marathon drive as I did in the BUY 2 GET 2 FREE multiple runs last year, especially since this is only the one game. My cell phone has so many minutes a month allotted for Long Distance calls so basically the only cost at my end is time, the local car trip and the purchase of the game.

I happened on a Gamestop that was not near my local Gamestop. The employee there came across as very helpful asking what game I was interested in. She showed a genuine interest without slogging me down with all the standard preorder or membership sales pitches. :D

CRTGAMER: "I am trying to get a game but your online has none showing within 100 miles. Is it possible to look further and maybe ship me the game?"
Employee: "No problem." Searches computer. "I found seven stores, let me call to verify."
CRTGAMER: "Any way of finding one with the original Manual?"

Employee then proceeds to call from the list. Asks for a visual and further asks for CIB. All stores report only the game. Each phone call took time between waiting for the employee at the other end looking for the case and maybe also helping their customers. At the seventh call with only a disc showing, I told the employee that was okay, I would buy the game with just the disc.

CRTGAMER wrote:The Gamestop at this location has a professional looking binder with pink slips that is used to call back customers when a game arrives. I guess most Gamestops have these for maybe preorders? I never preorder, but the binder looked to be a lot better then a sticky note stuck behind the counter. So the wait begins.

A few days later, I started thinking about that disc only game I have coming in. I really wanted CIB so I asked an employee at another Gamestop to try.

Employee: "Sorry no stores showing within a hundred miles."
CRTGAMER: "Can you try further out?"
Employee: "Got a Zip Code?"
CRTGAMER: "Not off hand, maybe try any further North?"
Employee: "I don't know any."
CRTGAMER: "Try <first two digits of local> with <random last three>"
You can see how this employee has to be encouraged to help. :roll:

He then found the same grouping as the other employee did a few days ago. He called a few stores, even found one with a copy put aside waiting to be shipped out. This confirmed the first store copy might be on the way. Again I pushed for a game with the manual. One of the stores reported back a CIB game! Strange, the other day no store had a CIB. Obviously at one of the distant Gamestops, a different employee took the time to hunt down the game case and manual! After confirming to send the game down, I asked for a printout of that grouping of stores. Got two printouts based on two far away Zip Code searches. I asked the employee to circle the store that would ship it out. Instead of a binder he stuck my name and phone number next to the cash register, this was a concern if the note would stay there. After I got back to my car, I called long distance to the shipping store and thanked the employee for finding a CIB. I also asked if he could put my name and phone number with the game to be shipped down. This way the receiving store with a different employee on the floor will be sure to call me. I was not comfortable that sticky note would still be by the cash register. :?

CRTGAMER wrote:I told all the employees including the one I called long distance who helped that I will submit a direct site survey, the one that requires their District Manager to contact me. This is my way of thanking them with good rapport with them back to their bosses and encouraging a follow thru that I get the game.

Two copies of the same game
I feel like a heel finding a complete game and requesting a second shipment in. STORE ONE had already requested the disc only game, so the wheels have already set in motion and too late to stop that one. In honesty, I don't mind getting a second copy at disc only so I'll pay for that one too when it comes in. This also gave me reassurance in case one of the games came in and did not work. :idea:

Three days later - THE UGLY, BAD and GOOD
I was getting anxious if the only CIB store over 200 miles away had shipped the game yet. This is why I love the Gamestop online site, it shows which store has a particular title on hand. Unfortunately I didn't know which Gamestop was shipping to STORE ONE, but it was not too important, after all it was only the disc not like a complete game going to STORE TWO. In checking online the CIB game still showed the shipping store as having one. Strange, the long distance phone call confirmed the game was set aside. I called the store a second time and got a different employee.

CRTGAMER: "Hi, I'm checking on a game that was set aside to be shipped out."
Employee: "I found the game, my apologies it was never pulled from the shelf."

The game did not get shipped but was put back on the floor for sale! I was lucky nobody bought it. As an uncommon game it was likely placed Front Faced in plain sight back on the shelf. I head exploded inside, but kept my cool and confirmed all the info to ship the game. I didn't even raise a fuss about the other employee, I did not want to jeopardize the shipment of this game. Luckily I have the printout from the store that will receive it with the very important Four Digit Store Number in the heading. The employee again apologized and stated he was the one who does all the shipping at his store so it will definitely be sent out. Okay this is good news, got his name for the Survey Feedback. I also asked that he put my name and cell on the game to ensure I get called when it arrives. The next day, I visited STORE TWO and let the employee there know that I had personally confirmed the game is on the way and to please call me when it arrives. The sticky note with my name and number was still stuck next to the register, a good sign. :)

CRTGAMER wrote:Gamestop can print out a list of stores showing availability but do not include Zip Codes. You can Google Search the city listed to obtain the Zip Code. This helps in doing your own far location search at the Gamestop site

I received a phone call later in the evening, the same employee personally called me back Long Distance and told me the game was getting ready to be shipped out! He was calling to make sure of the store to receive. I thanked him and checked online the next morning. YES, the shipping store now did not pop up in the listing of stores for the game. :mrgreen:

The next day, really the very next day this takes place. Remember that helpful employee with the nice binder from the STORE ONE? The one that I was not really concerned with any more since it was just a disc incomplete game? If it came in I still would have bought a backup though, a good price even if only a disc. The same friendly employee at the start of this calls me back and apologizes that the game never got delivered. Keep in mind this has been over three weeks ago. She then states she remembered how I wanted a complete game and found one for me 400 MILES AWAY! She let me know I'll get a call once the game arrives. I now have a second CIB on the way!! :!: :shock: 8)

The Long Awaited Call - THE GOOD
I received a phone call from STORE TWO, the game had just arrived from the shipping store I confirmed a few days prior. This happened on Friday morning before the Friday night and weekend onslaught of customers. Of all days, I was too far away, stuck with my wife's family. I asked the employee to please HOLD and HIDE the game till the next day, hoping I could get there that night. I have almost come to the end of the battle fearful of losing the game at the end, the reason why I made this Encyclopedia of a post while waiting in dreadful anticipation. Its really true Grass Always Greener, and I'm stuck in the mud waiting! Have I reached the word limit yet? :lol:

Epilogue Part One - THE VERY GOOD
I couldn't stand it, would the game be there the next day or would a different employee stock the game on the shelf to be lost to the Saturday rush? I made it to Gamestop STORE TWO late that Friday evening and picked up the game. The store was packed and I feared the worst. The employee who initially placed the phone call was there and recognized me, stated he has it! The game is in perfect condition with a Clean Crisp Manual inside. I shouted out my excitement right in the store how Gamestop took care of me to the other customers waiting in line. This game was shipped from another Gamestop over 200 miles away! As for the other Gamestop, STORE ONE, I am expecting another copy of the game. I eagerly will buy the second CIB of the same sought after game. I would even buy the second one at disc only because of all the Gamestop employees efforts. I'll post the game and hopefully both copies in the Video Game Finds after a proper review and pics are put together. :D 8) :mrgreen:

Epilogue Part Two - THE GOOD
I'll post an update here once I get a second copy of the game. Another wait but not as nail biting as the first copy. :D

Just got a call the game came in! Too late to run out there, I'll pick it up tomorrow. Luckily its only Wednesday night so the store should not be too crowded. The same employee called me, so I know the game will be put aside for me. Oh never mind, I drove out the same day late in the evening, too risky to lose a game delivered from over 400 miles away! :shock:

The game had a big note taped to the cover: "DO NOT SALE HOLD FOR ****" 8)

I now have two pristine copies of an uncommon game, pics and review to follow. :mrgreen:

CRTGAMER wrote:All employees involved get a Direct Feedback which ensures both Corporate and more importantly their own District Manager is made aware of their good service. A simple checkoff of The District Manager to Contact Me ensures this.

Here is the direct Gamestop link that bypasses the survey. Post any Good, Bad and Ugly:

Take care of any good help, be sure to state its a Positive Feedback and click the District Manager Contact.

EDIT UPDATE Guess The Game
Took pics and wrote an in depth review, posted in my Wii Gamecube Thread.

Take a guess before you click the link. :D


Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:45 pm
by vlame
what game was it?

Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:46 pm
by Opa Opa
There's no tl;dr version, is there?

*grabs cup of coffee*

Here we go!

Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:04 pm
by MrPopo
Opa Opa wrote:There's no tl;dr version, is there?

*grabs cup of coffee*

Here we go!

The tl;dr is that he found employees willing to go the extra mile to help out a customer. Echoing earlier sentiment that if you find a good employee at your store you will have a better experience than the Gamestop norm.

Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:19 pm
by gtmtnbiker
I'm curious to know the name of the game and if it was worth the hassle. I would have gone with Ebay or the forums.

Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:16 pm
by noiseredux
I cannot believe I read that whole thing and still don't know game it was.

Re: Is Gamestop Evil? The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:21 pm
by Pichu
Goddamnit I want to know what the game was! :x

*goes to refresh Video Game Finds over and over*