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Re: The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland

by TheMADEgames Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:51 pm

cha cha wrote:
TheMADEgames wrote:Great! We'll keep an eye out for you around October! There's also lots of places to eat and drink and plenty of emerging nightlife around the area, too! :)

Glad to hear! What is your typical weekday foot traffic like in terms of crowds? Also is there a "best" time to come, in order to get the most unimpeded time with everything you have to offer?

Weekend traffic usually runs up about two or three dozen people, most of whom show up on Saturday, and as far as weekdays, we're only really active on Wednesday mid-to-late afternoon, as that's when the weekly volunteer/staff meetings are. I'd say the best time to stop by is around 6:00 pm on Wednesday, to better get to know the staff and figure out what pace the place really runs at. And Saturdays are good too, as that's when all the machines are running and available for play.
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