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Slope's Game Room - Latest review (Popeye video games)

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:30 am
by djslope
Your one stop place for the entire SGR series :)

Slope's Game Room #1: The Story Of Roland

In this episode I talk about Alan Sugars jump into the Game market and his always changing forgotten mascot Roland on the Amstrad CPC 464

Slope's Game Room #2: Gremlin: The Original Bad Boys. Starring... Jack The Nipper & Zool

In this episode I talk about the history of the Sheffield based game company Gremlin and take you on a journey through x2 of the company's more popular mascots.

Slope's Game Room #3: Streets of Rage: The Complete Story

An obvious one... I talk about everything related to the fantastic Streets of rage games

Slope's Game Room #4: The future of Sega vs Nintendo

A bit of a different approach this time, I talk about why I believe being a retro Sega gamer is far superior to a Nintendo retro gamer

Slope's Game Room #5: Michael Jackson Video Games

Here we have everything Michael Jackson related in video games, I hope you all enjoy

Slope's Game Room #6: Cinematic Platformers

In this video I talk about the best of the cinematic platformers and how they started out, do yourself a favor and check em out!

Slope's Game Room #7: The Sandy White Story

Today I talk about just one guy, Sandy white... and the 3x games he created that truly did help shape the gaming industry as we know it! or at least that my opinion

Slope's Game Room #8: The Complete History Of Golden Axe

The title says it all, actually discovered some great new games whilst making this. Time to go seriously deep into the world of Golden Axe

Slope's Game Room #9: The Sega Ninja Princess

As a kid I loved the game "The Ninja" for the fantastic Sega Master System, In this episode I talk about the games history

Slope's Game Room #10: The Story of Bobo

So in this shorter episode of Slope's Game Room I talk about another comic book hero that you may not have heard of that had a game related to him.
Discover the history of the (not-so-classic-in-these-parts) Bobo.

Slope's Game Room #11: The zombies ate my neighbors trilogy

Seriously a fantastic series of games, also managed to get an exclusive interview with Collette Michaud who worked as lead animator @ Lucus arts

Slope's Game Room #12: The Shenmue Story

The world has gone crazy for Shenmue recently, hopefully this video will explain why.
Let's look at the past, present and future of this epic adventure.

Slope's Game Room #13: The John Ritman Trilogy

It's time to shine some light onto Jon Ritman's trilogy of Isometric puzzlers...

Slope's Game Room #14: Skweek: The Complete History

Let's take a look at Skweek, the gaming mascot that has been stuck in my head for the last 20 years

Slope's Game Room #15: Earthworm Jim: The Complete History

Earthworm Jim, he's such a groovy guy! Let's look at the complete history of everyone favorite worm.

Slope's Game Room #16: Alex Kidd: The Complete History

If you are a fan of anything Sega you owe it to yourself to discover the Mascot that came before Sonic... well one of them at least :)

Let's look at the 6 games and everything else related to Alex Kidd

Slope's Game Room #17: Sega's 1st ever mascot ya never knew!!!



Slope's Game Room #18: McDonalds Video Games pt. 1 (The Ronald McDonald Trilogy)

Let's take a look at the unofficial Ronald McDonald trilogy in this 2 part video showcasing video games related to McDonalds.

Slope's Game Room #19: McDonalds Video Games pt. 2 (Global Gladiators and beyond)

Here we have part 2 of my McDonalds video game series. Lets look at 6 more games... yep, 6! and yes Global Gladiators is in this one lol

Slope's Game Room #20: Nintendo World Championship Gold Cart Sold for $50!

Nintendo's NES World Championship Cart is an ultra rare video game collectible worth untold amounts of money!

This is how you can get one for $50... maybe!

Slope's Game Room #21: Nintendo's 1st ever mascot you never knew

Don't give Mario all the credit, he was not the 1st... far far from it!

Slope's Game Room #22: Popeye Video Games

There are far more Popeye games than you would expect...
...and Japan got the best ones

Many thanks

Re: Slope's Game Room (Update 18/08/2014)

Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:24 am
by djslope
Hopefully you guys will like my 2nd video

It is really really hard to get the views up on these lol I would love for more people to see these as I feel I offer something different from other youtubers, Any suggestions?


This time I look at x2 forgotten mascots from the "original bad boys" Gremlin...

...and I also look at the history of the company and what they eventually become!!!

Video #3 is very nearly finished in which I look at Segas 2nd best franchise (In my opinion lol)

Re: Slope's Game Room (Update 18/08/2014)

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:39 am
by djslope
Thought I should come back and give you all a proper update

(see first post)

any feedback would be great

many thanks for your time


Re: Slope's Game Room (Update 18/08/2014)

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 5:30 am
by djslope
Added some more videos to the original post

Re: Slope's Game Room - Latest review (The Story of Shenmue)

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:29 am
by djslope
Hey guys, I added a new video for y'all. Hope you like :)

Re: Slope's Game Room - Latest review (Popeye video games)

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 12:22 pm
by djslope
Just updated the 1st link with more vids for y'all :)

Hope you all find something you like