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Re: Marvel Super Heroes SAT/PS1 Review... which is the best!

by CD AGES Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:02 pm

OK, well how does the PSX version of SSF2T stack up against SSF2 X: FMS on D

Wip3outguy7 has been kind enough to provide you with a great souce here.

Essentially, what makes the DC port from being truly perfect comes from Capcom concious decision to fix some of the issues that plauged the original arcade version (much like how they did with the SF3 trilogy on the DC). Many of these gameplay issues are heavily utilized in high level play so major ST players have a problem with the port. With the games unlockable dip switch setting, one can restore some of these things back to arcade accurate state but not completely. Take into account that David Serlin and backbone ent. choose the DC port over the original arcade souce code, as a base to create what became SF2 HD Remix.
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