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Igrolov youtube channel

by igrolov Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:37 am


I live in Russia and I'm gaming/collecting enthusiast. I have small youtube channel (around 8K subscribers) about videogames and consoles (russian language), and I'm going to try to add english subtitles to all videos on my channel. There are around 30 videos - game reviews (mostly retro), awesome devices (wonderborg, for example), consoles overviews (intellivision, turbografx/pce, etc).
I made two part video about Sega CD (games, and a bit of the corresponding topics - japan imports, regions, for example, japan bios loading from everdrive flash cart and other topics). I added english subtitles for the first part of the video. Here it is
Please, check it out. I'm newbie in localization, so any advices are welcome! Also I'm not sure should I continue with adding subtitles, so, your comments are highly appreciated.
Thank you!
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