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Re: Top 10 GBA / Gameboy Advance Games

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:10 pm
by darsparx
Metal Jesus wrote:
skyknight wrote:Given the massive library of the GBA, did you try to limit yourself to only 10 games, or thought about 20~50?

I actually thought about limiting myself to a Top 5 because the attention span of YouTube viewers getting to the end of a video can be very challenging... But Top 10 seemed the minimum to do the system justice.

I have 73 GBA games and could have easily expanded the list to my favorite Top 20 however.

Ha I would've stuck through if you did all 73 as a 3 part video! I watched this one a week or so ago, and it felt like it was lacking....that gba library was so great, i had about 40 or so over the years that i had a was a worthwhile system for all the rpg's and other games on there...