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Re: PSP UMD Movies - Who Collects These?!

by flojocabron Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:27 am

*edit: looks like you got a topic i can sink my teeth into*

I guess I do!

I have 26 of them

You can find lots of them at fleamarkets, but you may have a hard time convincing sellers that they're not games. :lol:

I picked up a good bunch of them a few years back (and still do now!) At 99 Cents Only stores!

If you have one nearby you can probably still buy some. Back in September/October the store got a bunch of horror movies!

And the 99 cents store also had complete first seasons of 'sanford and son' and 'good times' :? ? How this would appeal to a younger generation? I dont know! But i bought them!

A good chunk of the US anime on UMD was released by geneon (formerly pioneer). I can only speculate that the umd video failure may have been a major factor in geneon's demise in the anime market. You cant blame them for trying to break into a new market; but I can blame them for being greedy/stingy with only releasing two episodes per umd! WTF! I'm glad i didn't pay full price for the ones i have.

Another thing i can nitpick about umd's is- For all that space umds hold, why is there no more audio/subtitle space? Sony got real picky over which umd got either more audio options or subtitle options. I guess this is a tactic long held by sony. They suck at giving Spanish services on their media!

But I'll admit, i have paid full price as well for some; but only so! I used to wheel and deal lots of games and dvds at FYE. And back then i bought beavis and butthead for umd with store credit. Only because there was nothing else to buy that day.

Another thing you may not have noticed Mr. Jesus, is that a large chunk of my UMD movie collection is sony owned product! Columbia pictures, sony pictures television, screen gems are logos on the spines of the cases! And they are owned by guess who???? Sony! And since there were music umds that let sony license paramount/mtv stuffs too. Some of mine have the paramount logo, so im guessing how these are connected? Do you guys think im right?

Also umd's are region locked too... all except (now that i noticed) that beavis and butthead mike judge vol 2! It says ALL. Maybe the last umd videos were no longer regioned? I'll leave that up to you guys!

Lastly, My favorite umd movie is Oldboy! This was my first exposure to this awesome movie! This time i was glad that this one wasnt dubbed! I think it would have been the other way around if I got it on dvd first. But i didn't care this time for the English dub when i finally did see it on netflix. Its much more passionate/gritty in its original language!

I was greatly entertained by that little plastic disc! For that i congratulate you Sony!

And to finally end this long ass post, I'll end this cynically. If you find a UMD movie that sucks at the 99 cents store; it's case makes a good replacement for your worn old one!

Replace away!
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Re: PSP UMD Movies - Who Collects These?!

by CRTGAMER Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:50 pm

The UMD sleeve concept reminds me of a CED sleeve or even the Japan version VHD sleeves.

So true as mentioned in the video about battery runtime issues. A shame about the format, the compactness designed for portables killed by a power consuming drive motor. Imagine if that physical disc size was improved with tighter pits and had the memory of a DVD or even a BlueRay? A nice more compact shelf saver durable medium for home players.

Meanwhile I spotted a CDI movie disc at the Thrift Store, supposed to be VCD quality level. Tempted to buy it just for the novelty of owning one. Maybe one day the more widely spread UMD disc will be this rare?
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