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Metal Jesus
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Recent Game Pickups - 43 Games! Back from Portland

by Metal Jesus Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:35 pm

Image <--YouTube

I show you the 43 games across 16 systems that I have added to my collection recently after visiting the Portland Retro Gaming Expo & with the helps of some fans of my channel.

Did anybody else here go? If so, what games did you pickup?
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Re: Recent Game Pickups - 43 Games! Back from Portland

by Hobie-wan Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:03 pm

PotD is really excellent. Amusingly I just got Lady Sia this week as well. Okage is said O-ka-gay, FYI. I'd forgotten that Bard's Tale III came in the record and box formats, but I suppose a few 3 1/2 disks wouldn't work too well in the record sleeve format.
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Re: Recent Game Pickups - 43 Games! Back from Portland

by CRTGAMER Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:36 am

Love your videos! For your upcoming Grand Theft Auto Retrospective it had influence on the "Open Sandbox" which is copied in so many other games. Even the earlier overhead PS1 version inspired a GBA game called Urban Yeti.

Nice finds on the Atari Age 2600 Atari carts, especially the Halo cart. Space Rocks looks well done. Never heard of that Road Warrior, the extras including your band soundtrack is impressive. How did you do that? If you ever get a 5200, Atari Age made a very professional version with the original coder of Tempest that is Trakball compatible.

Love Sky Odyssey, great score! Alien Hominid is also great, keep an eye out on the PAL version which can be converted to NTSC, it has extra levels.

The NES Metal Jesus game, Wow congrats! Looking forward to the video showing the game screens, that cart is soooo cool! Also that Kiss 8 track, nice 70s piece. :D
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