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Gamer Logic: Episode # 1 - Super Star Fox Showdown

by Unleaded Logic Tue May 28, 2013 9:57 pm

Hey guys!

After a short hiatus from my channel I decided to revamp the whole premise of the channel and produce a season based, monthly episode format for the channel. The first episode focuses on my memories and thoughts (along with my brother's) on attending the 1993 Super Star Fox Weekend event and having a rematch with each other on it with a reproduction cart of the game. I would love for you guys to check it and give some feedback on it! Thanks!

Gamer Logic: Episode # 1 - Super Star Fox Showdown

In the debut episode of Gamer Logic it’s the rematch of the century! Mike and Matt Mertes discuss their rivalry on Super Star Fox Weekend and reflect on participating in the national tournament over twenty years ago. Then, with a Super Star Fox Reproduction cart in hand, Mike drops the challenge to Matt for a rematch! Featured on this episode as well is a review of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Finally, watch as history is made as Matt and Mike compete against each other on the Super Star Fox Weekend cart to see who still reigns supreme after 20 years!

Super Star Fox Weekend Interview
Far Cry 3 Review
Super Star Fox Weekend Challenge

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