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Re: Magic Marker on CD-R and DVD-R - No Good?

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:53 am
samsonlonghair wrote:I labeled my CD-Rs with Sharpie Marker twelve years ago. They still play just fine today. I fail to see the problem.

Same here. The article is interesting, but the ink once dry does not seem to deteriorate the lacquer coating over the decades. I have CDRs from the 90s that still work just fine, the older data dark tint design underneath. Maybe a chance if the ink still wet might break thru the lacquer, but it would have to be powerful as paint remover and soak wet for a quite a while.

The biggest damage to a disc if a hard point marker cutting thru the lacquer while writing, then the ink would soak onto the silver underneath.

The article does bring a good point, the CDR or DVDR or even pressed discs are certainly much more fragile at the top with just a thin layer of lacquer vs the the bottom which is protected by a thick layer of clear plastic.