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M.r Lemony Fresh
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downloading set-backs, need help please

by M.r Lemony Fresh Thu Jan 17, 2008 4:13 am

hi! i was watching this episode of angry video game nerd (www.avgn.com), and it was about some early volumes of Nintendo power, and it kind of interested me. specially when said that he stapled a page shut cos theres was an advertisement that made him sick XD.

plus i downloaded every nes game and i wanted something to go with it :D

so i googled Nintendo power and came to a thread on this site where someone genereslly posted what i think to be download links, some of them were like this;

Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/fun_club_news_001_-_1987_sep.cbr 976.43 kilobyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/fun_club_news_004_-_1987_dec.cbr 16.18 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/fun_club_news_005_-_1988_feb-mar.cbr 20.58 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/nintendo_power_001_-_1988_jul_aug.cbr 62.85 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/nintendo_power_002_-_1988_sep-oct.cbr 62.09 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/nintendo_power_003_-_1988_nov-dec.cbr 58.11 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/nintendo_power_004_-_1989_jan-feb.cbr 59.66 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/nintendo_power_005_-_1989_mar-apr.cbr 93.71 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/nintendo_power_006_-_1989_may-jun.cbr 65.6 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/nintendo_power_007_-_1989_jul-aug.cbr 60.6 megabyte
Filetype icon Retromags.com Huge Release/nintendo_power_008_-_1989_sep-oct.cbr 43.2 megabyte

would someone please tell me how to get this to work? sorry to be a n00b.

p.s i have a sneaking suspicion that my browser is is denying the scripts on this text, but still, what do i do.
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by Niode Thu Jan 17, 2008 7:05 am

Sounds like what you stumbled upon is the archived view of a forum. Just go that same website and click full view, or the big blue link with the thread name on it. That will take you to the 'full view' and the links will work.
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by HeavyMetalMe Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:09 pm

Good find. AVGN is awesome, I just recently saw his reviews of the Sega CD and 32x. Though it didn't phase my love for my system, as stupid and ridiculous as it is/looks, I still found him quite funny.
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by Adderall Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:20 pm

if you still can't get it to work I know that there are some torrents posted over at UG of this.... if you don't have an invite, PM me.
M.r Lemony Fresh
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by M.r Lemony Fresh Sat Jan 19, 2008 2:28 am

thanks for the replies and help, if anyone wanted to know what the link was;


i made it sound like i was talking about another site :D

EDIT: i couldn't get it to work but don't worry about it, i just registered at retro mags and found what i needed.
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