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Re: How many of you are actually still using CRT TVs?

by Anapan Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:43 am

The 32" weighs a lot, that's for sure. Because of that, the metal structure around it is great for mounting on a 2x4 frame. The main problem we had was the size of the control panel. It's fine to move around in a room after mounting it, but the bezel with the controls no-longer fits easily through a door frame. Because of that, we had to make the top removable, so it can be moved separately. Luckily, all the controls are USB, so securing and housing them in the top worked out just fine. It's definitely a lot easier to move with the weight more evenly distributed, and proper arcade cabinet hand-holds, even with a full tower computer housed inside it.
Having such a big screen as a table is pretty cool tho. Multiplayer games don't feel cramped even when playing horizontal games side-by-side.

When my brother and I are working on CRTs, we just keep well away from the high-energy area of the screens. They're isolated on the motherboard - usually with cut-out slots.
Of course we should have a cantenna to draw the charge out, or just do the screwdriver trick with some insulated gloves, but our new method of RGB modding the jungle-chips requires the TV be on while finding the RGB lines.
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