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want a coinop? and my game/system list (no-pics)

by sithmaster113 Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:55 pm

Check out arcadecontrols.com for info on restoring or building your own cab to place pcbs or a mame pc inside. I currently have a pac man and space duel im working on with a dk, shump, and xmen 6 player in the works.

also with that like you may be able to get some gutted cabs if anyone is interested in converting. there are usually freebies by the members if your able to pickup just check the bst section.

for those who are handy you could build a cab for around 200 dollars (US) that can play most games with a standard sf control panel.

im surprised no one posted any displays (kind stores have for new releases) ill get some of my pics up, i have fear, battlefront 2, mario kart ds, brothers in arms earned in blood, sw rc, mortal kombat shaolin monks, and a bk sw ep 3 watch display, 4 oversized boxes (xmen legends 2, call of duty big red one, ultimate spiderman, and greg hasting paintball).

my systems is rather bleak compared to everyone else.
a dc-maybe 10 games
xbox black-11 games (but i have both halo 2 editions collectors unopened got it for 10 new)
ps2 games-just got the system today but ive had killzone and time crisis 3 for about a year(such a good deal on it 20 for the game and 2 guncons)
nes-system and around 40 games
n64-have two (one when it came out for 150 and another i got for free whit 3 games from ebgames what a difference) and maybe 50 games
gba-two a silver and an arctic (arctic screen cracked got it for free though like that)-maybe 6 games
psp-no games all homebrew (yey doom) and nes with transformers the movie filling a 1gb
gbc-3 games

thats about it wish i had more (well i have a hodge podge of snes and gen games despite not owning them).

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