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Re: How many of you are actually still using CRT TVs?

by o.pwuaioc Sun Sep 13, 2020 11:06 pm

Ziggy587 wrote:That's awesome, man. I wish I had some of my CRTs from back in the day. I suppose some of the ones I have now I've had since the early 2000's, but they were of course later model CRTs that replaced older ones I had at the time. For the longest time growing up, I had a shitty little 13" GE. I played a lot of video games on that little bubble screen. I replaced it when I got to high school, a friend gave me his old TV which was a 19" Samsung bubble screen, and I loved that TV. Going from 13" to 19" was a big deal. I have much better CRTs now, but I kinda wish I still had one or both of those just for sentimental reasons. Oh well.

Your friend HANDED you a 32" Sony Trinitron?!?! That's impressive, because I can't even lift mine by myself (bad joke). Seriously though, I have a 32" Trinitron and it's just a monster. I'm really not even sure what to do with it, I was saving it as a backup but I've been thinking about getting rid of it just because it's such a pain in the ass. The 27" CRTs that I have are a pain to move, but I can lift them by myself if I have to. The 32" though, I have to move it around with a hand truck and I cannot lift it by myself. I'm thinking about getting rid of it just because of how inconvenient it is. I don't even have anything strong enough that I can put it on top of.

Anyway, congrats. Trinitrons really are nice screens, and 32" is a nice size.

If I weren't uncertain about living here longer, than I'd offer to take that 32" from you. Not sure I want to drive all the way out there for a TV though!
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