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Problem running ZSNES save sate

by sthienp44 Sun Mar 30, 2008 4:28 am

I got a ZST save state off a site for Chrono Trigger so that I could see the real ending again without going through all the hassel of doing the 'work' since I haven't seen it in awhile (I don't have the SNES and cart handy, and also youtube doesn't seem to have a good capture of the ending, it's either too slow or the sound is distorted or something or other) , but for some reason it won't recognise the file...I tried two methods I saw suggested on the web: renaming the ZST file to the name of the SMC file, and doing the opposite of that, but neither one worked...I do not what else I can try. Anyone have any advice? And uhh, can you explain that advice in laymans terms? I'm computer illiterate...It would be very much appreciated, thanks. :)
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