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Re: Atari Jaguar Emulation Compatibility List - VJ & PT

by nightrnr Sun May 07, 2017 6:55 pm

Agreed on the Jag music.
On the Macenstein source port I play sometimes, I actually substitute a couple of the tracks with the Jaguar selections (can't remember the format atm, as it's on the other PC, maybe ogg or mp3).
Funny, I wasn't really a fan on Wolfenstein before the Jaguar.
Doom was always great, but I actually played Heretic more during the 90's. Weird that it never got a console port.

Yes, Wolfenstein has the extra weapons on 3DO, but I'm not sure if they are present on the PC episodes. I think the port has like 90 levels or something altogether :shock: . I really haven't played my 3DO extensively yet for some reason. Had to play through Doom just because though.

I am very interested in Iron Soldier (I like mech games, but haven't gotten into them much myself, used to enjoy watching a friend play them, including Iron Soldier).
I agree that it would be neat to see how they evolved the series on PS1.
(there's another article idea: "Console Mech Games"; I'm definitely not qualified for that though).

And yes, keep me posted about the AA thread. That's the only way I see getting myself to try NBA Jam on Jag :wink: .
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Re: Atari Jaguar Emulation Compatibility List - VJ & PT

by Jagosaurus Mon May 08, 2017 9:20 am

Okay, officially on my list to try 3DO Wolfenstein in FreeDO & Iron Soldier 3 via POPS! I also played Doom before Wolfenstein. My buddy had both on DOS but we were originally into Doom. I later installed them both on my 486 :) good times.

Updated my compatibility chart attachment in the Atari Age thread (see PDF verison 4 dated 5/7/17):

I have formatted so it is much easier to quickly follow across rows.

Also made edits/additions to those below:
Val D
Zero 5
Atari Karts
Missile Command 3D
Brutal Sports Football
Ultra Vortek
Flip Out!
Thanks to Mayday and Saturn for the comments. Mentioned you by name as testers in chart.

34 of 49 games compatible between VJ GIT and PT. That is 69.4%.

Adding Flip Out! and Cybermorph (reported to work in older builds of VJ per a previous post from Shamus) to this will get us to 73.5% (36 of 49) compatibility.

It is safe to say, we are sitting at approximately 73.5% with a few caveats (see Raiden notes for example). That is much higher than most folks will lead you to believe.

Any help on those listed as "need testing" is appreciated.
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