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Cool Hacks for Cool Games...eventually

by optmusprimenumber Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:48 pm

I'm way behind.. I've been finding a ton of cool hacks, I gotta get the motivation to build the article. My own PC is slow and my roomy's iPad doesn't make it easy..

Update 9/2014 - I can't get myself motivated to do this.. ..eventually..

Update - i will in fact be loading this thread up with info and pics on all the cool hacks i've been enjoying.. however i go through phases of loving games and phases of loving other things.. i'll be back with all the fun hack stuff when i'm back on a game kick.. i got ahead of myself and should have just left this thread well alone until i actually did the work, sorry about that. See you guys later! update again - wow i've been lazy about this, but it doesn't seem like anyone's too worried about it lol

Meanwhile, enjoy the following presentation!

..This site is already full of information on emulators and flash carts etc so I won't go into any of that..

A Quick Lesson on Patching Roms...

All you need to Patch a Rom is 1-The original Rom, 2-The Patch (.ips file), 3-A program that will apply the Patch (Ex: Lunar IPS) I use Lunar IPS and haven't had one problem yet (I'm not a Hacker or a Programmer.. at all); it's extremely easy to do.

BS Zelda...

First and foremost I think, in the world of LoZ hacks, is the BS Zelda Games. They were originally games that were broadcast (for limited times) for the Satellaview between August of 1995 and April of 1997. There were 2 BS Legend of Zelda quests that featured updated graphics, modified overworlds, and new dungeons. Each had it's own map. There was also a sequel of sorts to A Link to the Past known as The Ancient Stone Tablets where you quest through sections of the ALttP overworld looking for the dungeons (which were modified) and hunting down the Ancient Stone Tablets. Because of the nature of broadcasting these games the games were timed and divided into chapters over a course of weeks. They couldn't be played all the way through like a normal LoZ game but nonetheless must have been thrilling for Japanese gamers. Also, Link was no where to be found in these quests. The Satellaview had a couple of mascots that did the adventuring. There was a boy in a hat and a girl. So when does this get good again? When years later the Roms to these games were dumped and hackers went at it making them as playable as possible. The games were never built as one playthrough experiences and they didn't feature the ever expanding inventories we've grown so attached to in the LoZ games, among other problems. However the very talented and dedicated folks at BS Zelda pretty much took care of everything. Now both BS LoZ maps and The Ancient Stone Tablets can be enjoyed from start to finish and with all sorts of bells and whistles (namely: an ENGLISH TRANSLATION and getting Link back in the game!). More information can be found at the BS Zelda Page and at Wikipedia

If you're not already on the BS Zelda page and on your way to playing these games please read on :D

There are Pre-Patched Roms AND the Original Roms AND all the available Patches so play or assemble the BS LoZs of your dreams! Some of the Patches are not optional per se and without them you'll only end up dealing with bugs and crashing. Be sure to read carefully.

BS Legend of Zelda

-16-Bit graphics!
-8 by 8 screen Overworlds (LoZ's Overworld is 8 by 16)
-New Item Upgrade!
-2 Different Maps (Quests)!
-Time Based Events!

Plot (From Wikipedia, w/ some personal edits, Spoiler sections removed):

BS Legend of Zelda is set chronologically close in time to A Link to the Past. Although neither of the two stories makes direct reference to the other, the back-story given at the start of the game is substantially identical. The back-story explains that the Gods had created a holy golden triangle called the Triforce which would grant the wishes of anyone who possessed it. Ganondorf, the evil boss of a gang of thieves, located the Triforce and was transformed into Ganon, meanwhile his baleful influence spread across the land of Hyrule. The Gods sent word by messenger that a holy sword would be required to stop this evil, so the King of Hyrule commissioned such a sword. After it was completed the Hyrulians discovered that nobody could wield the sword and so the king set his 7 sages to work creating a seal to seal Ganon away until such time as a hero would be born who could wield the holy blade. Not long afterward, Ganon escaped and managed to kidnap the King's daughter, Princess Zelda.

*Enter Satellaview Mascot People...
As luck would have it, on a Sunday a few days later, a youth from the far away Town Whose Name Has Been Stolen entered a fabulous portal in a fortune teller's tent and emerged in the dark of a distant land...

BS Legend of Zelda Map 1 (Third Quest) Info and Files Here: http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/bs1files.shtml
BS Legend of Zelda Map 2 (Fourth Quest) Info and Files Here: http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/bs1m2files.shtml

BS Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

-New Dungeons!
-New Items!
-Ancient Stone Tablets!
-Time Based Events!

Plot (From Wikipedia, w/ some personal edits, Spoiler sections removed):

(Remember: Satellaview Mascot People...) Set six years after the events in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the story of The Ancient Stone Tablets begins when the character avatar from the distant Town Whose Name Has Been Stolen enters a mysterious-looking fortune teller's house that has appeared in the town. Finding only a magical golden bee, the avatar follows after it and enters the back of the house where strong magic whisks the youth off to the Land of Hyrule where Princess Zelda's dreams have been troubled.

Discovering the youth collapsed on the ground, Zelda and her aged companion Aginah (a character from A Link to the Past - brother of the more memorable Sahasrala) revive the child and discuss the recent and troubling premonitions they have felt concerning Ganon's return. A few moments later a soldier arrives and announces that Ganon's evil forces have returned. Aginah and Zelda explain that Link has left the country and they ask the child to help obtain the eight "Ancient Stone Tablets." It is believed that if the hero/heroine can obtain these tablets, the message in them will reveal an ancient secret capable of defending Hyrule from Ganon and his army.

As the youth travels through Hyrule collecting items and stone tablets, support comes from afar by telepathic communications from Aginah, the fortune teller . Princess Zelda, the Hyrulian soldier, and even the narrator of the game. As the hero fights through the various dungeons, the land of Hyrule lends its powers to the child at certain pre-set points in the Zelda Time that controls the youth's access to the land. Aginah and the fortune teller explain these matters to the youth whom Zelda identifies as the "Hero of Light" spoken of in legends.

BS Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets Info and Files Here: http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/sekibanfiles.shtml

Other Hacks...

Legend of Zelda - Automap Plus

This replaces the gray rectangle with a map that fills in screen by screen as you explore the overworld. Plus a couple other bells and whistles.

-Shows damage to hearts in 1/8's
-Hearts fill faster when using potions or fairies

Automap Plus Patch Info and Files here: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/796/

Link's Awakening Hack - Link's Awakening Restoration Patch

Apparently, when localized, Link's Awakening suffered from some good old fashioned American censoring. This patch restores it to it's original (Japanese) form.

-Mermaid's Necklace (US) changed back to Swimsuit Top (J)
-A cave that was removed has been restored
-And a couple others

LA Restoration Patch Info and Files Here: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/612/ & http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=9911.0

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Re: BS Zelda and Other Notable LoZ (Series) Patches...

by retrosportsgamer Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:07 pm

Nice recap all in one thread :)
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