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Re: MAME - Credits

by fastbilly1 Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:49 am

If I am playing for a challenge - four credits.
If I am playing to play - I dont keep track.
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Re: MAME - Credits

by TrevHead Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:16 pm

Usually just 1 credit or maybe 2 or 3 if im playing casually.

Theres no point in credit feeding if you dont have the skill to stay alive plus it cheapens the experience. You wouldnt do it in the real arcades where the games were designed to be played (and even most arcade ports on old consoles limited credits to 3 or 5 on easy).
So dont do it at home!
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Re: MAME - Credits

by gambaman Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:53 pm

I was a bit disapointed with my first arcade cabinet. Although I employed genuine arcade joysticks and a vintage CRT display you didn’t get the same feeling that playing the original arcades. When playing the original, death was dramatic: if you "died" in the game and you wanted to continue playing you had to spend a valuable coin. In my cabinet you was able to get a credit just by pressing a button so in practical terms you have unlimited lives and the feeling was lost. To solve this I devised a joystick system with an integrated credit counter. The system disables the insert coin buttons unless credits are available and includes a little challenge that must be won in order to obtain them. The challenge is the Simon electronic game created by Ralph Baer and Howard J. Morrison in 1978. As in the original Simon game there are several skill levels. The number of credits obtained when the game is won will depend on the selected skill level. You can see the project at https://www.hackster.io/user3853574654/ ... ame-384309 and https://github.com/gambaman/ArcadeJoyst ... sSimonGame. You can also see a video demo at https://youtu.be/ENW7n0ni5kg.
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