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Bliss-Box now goes live to a console near you.

by ulao Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:57 am

Hey guys, coming back to RacketBoy for some exciting news in the works. There is little doubt that RacketBoy was the first well made video to introduce the Bliss-Box to the world. Still one of the best videos around, so I figured it was best to spread the word about the Bridge on here. This is a companion to the Bliss-Box 4-Play or Gamer-Pro.

The Bridge is a new product in development. This device will allow you to connect the Bliss-Box to a console of your choice.  Just like the 4-Play the Bridge will have cables for connecting to various consoles. From usb based consoles to early retro consoles. The Bridge will get its power form the console and connect to the 4-Play’s existing USB port. Interestingly, no USB data will take place over this connection, as it merely serves as a convenient means to connect the two devices. There will be matching firmwares for USB based consoles. This is because USB is static and thus you can not make change on the fly.  Fortunately  this is not the case for none USB gaming consoles, so this one firmware will work on those. 

more info here: https://bliss-box.net/using-the-bliss-b ... y-console/

Here are some of the dev vBlogs.

https://bliss-box.net/bridge-making-tra ... -original/

https://bliss-box.net/bridge-making-tra ... he-switch/

As we get closer to a prototype, we will be sure to get one in RacketBay's hands.
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Re: Bliss-Box now goes live to a console near you.

by racketboy Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:28 pm

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
I feel like I've heard that Bliss-Box being mentioned a good amount in the MiSTer FPGA community as well.
Am I correct? I'm working on a piece of content on that project, so it's fresh on my mind :)
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Re: Bliss-Box now goes live to a console near you.

by Anapan Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:21 am

I know I'll buy it 1st day. I can't believe you've gone as far as you have with the commercialization of your project. Every little bit you hacked into your firmwares to make it work has actually been baked in an infallible system. I remember when I asked about reversing it or making it bluetooth, and now you're making the first part of that request a reality. That's dedication!
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