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PS4 1TB upgrade question..

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:04 pm
by SuperDerpBro
Does this HDD... ... gnorebbr=1

...Have aggressive head parking? I cant find any info about it.. maybe someone here has used it? I was gonna buy a WD blue but it seems they do not allow you to disable this "feature" any more with their new drives. I have and older blue in a 360 that i set to 300 seconds. I forgot to outright disable before i put it in the fat 360 case and haven't gotten around to taking it apart again to do so. Its fine while playing larger games but when playing smaller arcade stuff, SOTN for example, you can hear it park every so often and i hate it. lol .. It also parks a lot while doing stuff like watching movies. Not something i often do anymore on the 360 but i do use the PS4 for PLEX on occasion.

Cheers :mrgreen: :)

EDIT: Please do not simply recommend i buy the Seagate Firecuda that everyone, and their mom, tells me to buy. I will never buy any Seagate drive :D