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Re: oXbox Turns 17 Years Old Today: 11/15/01 to 11/15/18

by Jagosaurus Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:18 am

I was pretty surprised to hear/read it confirmed DC backwards compatibility on oXbox almost happened or was at least a serious discussion. I heard this around 2001 but assumed it was only a rumor. Sega actually had meetings with Bill Gates on this. They couldn't align the strategies for DC online services & XBL. I think this would've changed the DC legacy (giving more end users access to the awesome software) & helped the oXbox in JPN. Ultimately that relationship lead to the slew of Sega games on the platform though. We can still wish...

I'm still on a 360 so when I buy digital Dreamcast & oXbox games, I'm always on the look out for "playable on Xbox One" label. Agreed. Very cool.
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