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Re: How is your PSOne/PS1 gaming going?

by Tanooki Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:19 am

Kind of hard to remember what all was listed and reading back over 28 pages seems a bit much. I would suggest something good like Quake II and Medal of Honor for a FPS, Tomba for a platformer, or Omega Burst for like a 3D space shooty combat game, and then R4 Ridge Racer for driving. Beyond that, not sure, maybe the original Soul Reaver which was well done, as was the conversion of Doom. I'm staying away from the obvious stuff like SOTN and Diablo with their RPG elements.
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Re: How is your PSOne/PS1 gaming going?

by BogusMeatFactory Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:30 am

I highly recommend Parappa the Rapper for a great rhythm game, Tobal No. 2 for a great 3d fighter with a crazy 3d brawler dungeon crawling rpg mode. Jumping Flash for a super awesome first person platformer.

Another very good action rpg gsme is Brave Fencer Mushashi which is an open world action rpg game with a fun, episodic feeling storyline. Lots of style and substance.

Want to get weird? Play Tail of the Sun! A loadtimeless open world game where you are a caveman who has to eat food to raise certain stats like propagate (having offspring and all) and the goal is to kill mammoths to harvest their bones and build a tower to the sun. When you die, another generation takes up the journey. It is a very very strange game that I love... But it is sloop weird.
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