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Re: The Last Guardian cancelled?

by MrEco Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:52 am

I finished the game approximately fifteen minutes ago. Over all, a pretty great game. I think not as good as Ico or SotC, but few games are that good anyway.

I'm very interested in discussing the story if anyone else is.
For one, I love the last minute implication that the barrels you've been feeding Trico the whole game are basically child-pudding. Also considering that the barrel's glow green, and the only other substance in the game that makes Trico's eyes turn yellow and distract him is the smelly green slime, I think it's safe to say that green stuff is also pudding children. I guess the entire hidden valley is a giant factory for making soylent green?

Though in all seriousness, that's the biggest mystery of the game to me. What's up with the valley? What's it's purpose? It seems to be completely devoid of life besides the Trico Beasts, and they just seem to constantly fly around grabbing children and bringing them back to goo them. Who set up an operation like that? That can't possibly be self sustaining, each beast is only able to hold one kid at a time. How many calories do they burn just flying around to steal one kid? And what's the purpose of the living armor guards? This whole valley is only accessible by air in an age where airplanes don't exist. Who are they afraid of invading? And if someone did invade, what are those guards protecting? Just the goo kid scam?

I'm also curious how this game fits in with Ico and SotC. Assuming it is in the same world at least. I think it's generally agreed upon that SotC is a prequel to Ico. If we assume (for the sake of discussion) that Last Guardian is a prequel even before SotC then one possible theory is that the Master of the Valley is an earlier form of Dormin. Perhaps he was born with a very simple physical form (like a single cell organism, but for a demon), and this is what he is when we see him in Last Guardian. Obviously the boy with the tattoo's makes the Master of the Valley blow up, but who's to say it can't reform? The big tower also crumbled at the end of the game, but in the post-credits scene we see it's standing again many years later which would support the idea that the Master was never fully killed. Perhaps an explanation for turning all those kids to goo is that it somehow gives more power to the Master and would one day allow him to evolve into a stronger form, become more intelligent, refer to himself as Dormin, and become a threat that's strong enough for the local populace to take him down and split him up into 16 spirits?

Eh, just an idea. And admittedly somewhat fan-fictiony.

I don't have any theories for Last Guardian being a proper sequel to both games (or maybe in between them?) but I would love to hear everyone else's ideas!
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