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PSP Etc.

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2006 2:52 pm
by Saraph
Well, it seems I have gone quite far in the small amount of time since this thread. Not only have I successfully downgraded my PSP from 2.71, I've managed to flash custom firmware, install emulators and homebrew, while also using an application called devhook to make life much easier. I have a custom theme and bootloader as well. I'd love to hear what else I can do with the PSP in terms of customization. Most of the information I used to do everything mentioned was acquired at PSPUpdates. I'd love to answer questions that involve the above mentioned if anyone has a problem running a certain program.

Keep in mind, I went from v2.6>v2.71>v1.5>Custom v1.5.

Firmware - v2.71

Downgrader - v2.71~v1.5

The Ultimate Installer - Devhook

DGEN v1.70 - Genesis Emulator

SNES9xTYL v0.4.2 - SNES Emulator

ThemePSP v1.2 - Apply themes to your PSP!

Harleyg's Custom Firmware v0.2 - Custom firmware that gives you wonderful new features!