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Run PS1 Imports & Backups - No Soldering - Gold Finger Mini

by Jagosaurus Fri Jun 12, 2020 1:46 pm

Looks like I never posted this.... hm...

I made a quick 3 minute video on how to run imports and CDR burns/backups using the Goldfinger mini in the PS1 parallel port. Hope this helps some people out.
PS1 Imports & Backups - No Soldering - Gold Finger Mini

You need: PS1 with parallel port, GF mini, tape, retail game, import or correctly burned game

Pic stills from video on how Goldfinger Mini looks & the GUI menu it adds. I think it's a pretty cool looking device:





Worth noting I did read a post on PS dev net that the new UniROM flash (similar to Psuedo Saturn) of AR type parrallel devices is more stable. I've personally never any issue with this guy booting JPN imports or stack of well done burned disks I inherited. I think I'm going to start a dedicated thread on UniROM mod soon.
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