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Dreamcast Savegame Hacking

by play2win1980 Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:33 am


I need some help hacking some rare items out of a Timestalkers save file- apparently a complete item list is not possible due to a programing glitch in the game. I have dumped the save file but need some assistance with the editing. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance!
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Re: Dreamcast Savegame Hacking

by Anapan Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:41 am

I have a large pile of projects already, but instead of just leaving you hanging, I'll give it a shot. I'll spend a couple of hours unless my next contract job starts sooner than expected.
My Dreamcast is on loan semi-permanently, but I have the latest emulators going on my arcade cab, and that makes quick changes and a debugger available.
I recall the Saturn has CRC checking on it's save files (I still haven't unlocked the full gallery and extras on Keio Flying Squadron 2). Was that only a developer feature?
In any case, I'll try.
Send me a couple of save files, different times, and one difference in inventory contents, I'll try to mess with them.

I give my attempt a 60% chance of success only because some games obtrucify how they store stuff, and I'm not going to spend all that long on it.
Glad you stopped by Racketboy forums.

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