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Got a PS1 Mod Chipped System - Tell Me More About It

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:15 am
by Jagosaurus
I figured it was a MM3 chip & was about to open it up to see but read the following quotes.

Looks like trying software (such as Spyro 3) will tell me more about the chip than viewing it. I'm curious & will crack it open when I get some work bench time to view the quality of the mod & snap a few pics. Any input, thoughts, suggestions, etc to know more about it? Few more comments below quotes.

Thanks JoeAwesome for an awesome deal on it. Pretty excited this will give me access to any games that don't work via POPStarter! 8) DQVII will consume my life now.

Quotes on chip models:
- No one knows for sure unless you test it since all PS1 modchips use the same chip but with different code written in it.The only thing that you should be concerned of is whether it is a Stealth chip or not which can be tested by attempting to play an anti-modchip game (such as Spyro 3). If the game works normally, then you got a Stealth...

- If your modchip isn't a Stealth, then you're still going to need to patch anti-modchip or libcrypt enabled games to be able to

Is there basically 1 main hardware mod chip? Surely there are some exceptions.

Libcrypt is a copy protection based on the nonstandard subchannel data.
In that case modchip doesn't matter at all, it's the way you copy games which matters.
You must use a burning software which will read and copy subchannel data byte for byte and
not simply reconstruct it (by standard) as majority of the software does.
I recommend CloneCD game profile copying.

I need to read up more on libycat & patches. Having some trouble finding list of anti piracy games but seems these are the big 3 I keep reading about within threads. Any one have a full list?

Dino Crisis
Legend of Dragoon
Spyro 3 - Year Of The Dragon

Quotes from:


Re: Got a PS1 Mod Chipped System - Tell Me More About It

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:41 pm
by JoeAwesome
Little help? :wink:
"Anti-modchip" is likely what you might be searching for.

Re: Got a PS1 Mod Chipped System - Tell Me More About It

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:07 pm
by Jagosaurus
Thanks man. That's still a pretty short list considering the library size. I imagine a good chunk of these work via POPS also.

Breath Of Fire 4*
Cool Boarders 2001
Crash Bash*
Dino Crisis
Emperor's New Groove
Grind Session
Legend of Dragoon
MediEvil 2
Mo-Ho Lost World
NBA Shootout 2001 US/NTSC
NCAA Gamebreaker 2001
NCCA Final 4 2001 NFL Gameday 2001
NHL Faceoff 2001
Resident Evil 3*
Resident Evil: Nemesis
Resident Evil: Survivor
Spyro 3 - Year Of The Dragon
Strider 2
The Grinch
Tomba 2
Toy Story 2*
Vandal Hearts 2
Wild Arms 2